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Reimagining Adult Content with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is reshaping various industries, and adult content is no exception. With the ability to immerse viewers in an interactive and realistic environment, VR is revolutionizing how adult content is produced and consumed. In this article, we will explore the transformative impact of VR on adult entertainment and how performers like Vanna Bardot […]

How to Have a Sex Dream

Imagining sexy scenarios during the day can lead to sexy dreams at night. It can also help to listen to sensual music or read sexy material before bed. Using lucid dreaming techniques can help you control aspects of your dream, including who you want to have sex with. This can be especially helpful if you […]

Where to Have Car Sex

Car sex is wild and thrilling. It’s a zero fucks experience that is on almost every couple’s naughty list. But it’s also risky, especially if you’re doing it in public. That’s why Badzioch says it’s important to scan the environment before getting in the zone. Here are the best places to have car sex: 1. […]

How Do Horses Have Sex?

Horse owners and breeders face a number of decisions when purchasing their horses including whether to purchase a mare (fertile female), stallion or castrated male. Despite the many negative stereotypes that are associated with bestiality and zoophilia, having sex with animals is not immoral or abusive. However, the question of how do horses have sex […]

How to Have Sex in College

Whether you’re going into college having already had sex or looking to have it for the first time, it’s important to understand how hookup culture works on campus. It’s a lot more complicated than what pop culture would lead us to believe. Most students have sex for the first time away from their parents’ prying […]

How Do Turtles Have Sex?

Males climb onto the front edge of the female turtle and hold on with long claws on their front flippers that can dig into the soft tissue around her shell. The male can remain mounted for up to 24 hours. Like other reptiles, turtles have an opening in their tails called the cloaca that permits […]

How to Have Sex Dreams

Having sex dreams isn’t always about unlocking your deepest sexual desires—it can also be a way to work through emotional issues and unmask qualities you admire in others. A sexy dream with your coworker, for instance, might not indicate your subconscious attraction but instead show that you need a certain kind of connection with them. […]

How Do Frogs Have Sex?

Frogs advertise for mates by loudly calling in streams and swamps at night. But they also vary wildly in their mating behaviors. Most frogs engage in a behavior known as amplexus, which involves the male climbing aboard his female in some form of mating hug. This allows him to fertilize her eggs. Fertilization Frogs have […]

How to Have Sex in VR Chat

Many VR Chat users find exploring their sexual needs and fetishes online to be liberating. Many spend hours a day immersed in virtual worlds, experimenting with new situations and partners. Some even turn it into a career, hosting shows in-game on Fansly and finding ERP partners to take them through VR orgies. It’s a surprisingly […]

How to Stop Having Sex Before Marriage

Sex is God’s gift, but it cannot accomplish its original purpose in the covenant of marriage. That’s why the Bible promotes abstinence until marriage. If you’re struggling with sexual sin, it’s helpful to associate with individuals who support your decision to remain abstinent. Additionally, it’s important to listen to podcasts that provide encouragement and guidance […]

How to Have Sex by Yourself

Many people think masturbation is a second-best alternative to sex with another person. But it’s actually a really good thing, especially for women. A lot of orgasms come from stroking and fingering yourself. You can also explore other erogenous zones on your body—for example, rubbing your clitoris. And if you’re ready to take it up […]

How Do Conjoined Twins Have Sex?

A few years ago, rumors arose that Abby and Brittany Hensel—internationally famous conjoined twins who each control one leg and arm—were engaged. This led to many questions about their sex life. The oldest living conjoined twins, Lori and George Schappell, have sex with their partners despite being joined at the head. This article will explore […]

How Do Birds Have Sex?

If you’ve ever seen birds mate, you may have wondered how they do it. While mammals have penises, most bird species lack them. Instead, they rub their cloacas together during mating. This allows sperm to enter the female’s cloaca, where it can be fertilized. Only 3% of male birds have penises (typically water-dwelling species), but […]

How Do Two Women Have Sex?

The truth is, sex is different for everyone. What matters most is that it’s safe, consensual, and feels good. Vulva-to-vulva sex—called tribbing or missionary sex—is one popular way lesbians please each other. But there are lots of harmful myths about vulva-to-vulva sex, especially around STIs. It’s important to unlearn these myths and remember that all […]

How Do Fat People Have Sex?

People of all shapes and sizes can have a healthy, satisfying sex life. Despite the weight stigma and fat-shaming, partners of all sizes can feel confident and powerful during sex. Sex is more than penetrative sex, though — oral sex, manual stimulation and even just cuddling count! Here are some of the best sex positions […]

How Do Fish Have Sex?

For most fish, sex involves females releasing eggs and males releasing sperm to fertilize them. This typically happens without penetration, but a few fishes use different methods to achieve the same results. For example, fishes of the genus Phallostethus (Greek for “penis chest”) have bony copulatory organs called priapium that hang off their heads. Fertilization […]

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