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How Do Birds Have Sex?

If you’ve ever seen birds mate, you may have wondered how they do it. While mammals have penises, most bird species lack them. Instead, they rub their cloacas together during mating. This allows sperm to enter the female’s cloaca, where it can be fertilized. Only 3% of male birds have penises (typically water-dwelling species), but […]

How Do Two Women Have Sex?

The truth is, sex is different for everyone. What matters most is that it’s safe, consensual, and feels good. Vulva-to-vulva sex—called tribbing or missionary sex—is one popular way lesbians please each other. But there are lots of harmful myths about vulva-to-vulva sex, especially around STIs. It’s important to unlearn these myths and remember that all […]

How Do Fat People Have Sex?

People of all shapes and sizes can have a healthy, satisfying sex life. Despite the weight stigma and fat-shaming, partners of all sizes can feel confident and powerful during sex. Sex is more than penetrative sex, though — oral sex, manual stimulation and even just cuddling count! Here are some of the best sex positions […]

How Do Fish Have Sex?

For most fish, sex involves females releasing eggs and males releasing sperm to fertilize them. This typically happens without penetration, but a few fishes use different methods to achieve the same results. For example, fishes of the genus Phallostethus (Greek for “penis chest”) have bony copulatory organs called priapium that hang off their heads. Fertilization […]

How Do Alligators Have Sex?

As winter fades and temperatures rise, alligators start their complex courtship rituals. They slap the water and press their backs and snouts against each other. But how do you tell if an alligator is male or female? A gator wrangler in North Carolina has posted a video explaining how he does it—using a gloved finger […]

How Do Mermaids Have Sex?

If you’ve read any fiction with mermaids, you might have noticed that they don’t have visible genitalia. This is because mermaids are fish from the waist down, but they’re mammalian up top. This means that mermaids can breed in the same way as dolphins and whales. This position requires a lot of practice and open […]

Video Monitoring and Genetic Manipulation Reveals Secrets of Fruit Fly Sex

The nitty-gritty details of how flies mate and fertilize their eggs have remained somewhat obscure. But researchers recently used video monitoring and genetic manipulation to reveal some interesting details. They found that male flies actually love the process of ejaculation. To confirm their finding, the team trained the flies to associate red light-induced ejaculation with […]

Why No Sex After Egg Retrieval

Many fertility clinics advise women to stay away from sex after egg retrieval due to fears that orgasms could impact embryo implantation. However, this is largely unfounded. The ovaries are enlarged after the hormone treatment and it is important to avoid activities such as bouncing or jumping. These could cause the ovaries to get twisted […]

How Long After Liposuction Can I Have Sex?

It is essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully, especially in regard to avoiding activities that put unnecessary strain on the treated areas. This will help to promote proper healing and prevent complications. If you are following your doctor’s advice, feel comfortable and don’t experience pain during sexual activity, it may be safe for you […]

How to Have Sex Porn

Whether you are single or in a relationship, porn can add another dimension to sexual enjoyment. However, it’s important to keep in mind that pornography is fiction. It shows an unrealistic view of sex. It is important to be aware of the things that pornography doesn’t show: 1. It’s not realistic for partners to orgasm […]

How to Have Sex With a Fat Guy

Fat sex is a lot like any other sex, but there are some positions that may be more effective for plus-size partners. One of the best is a variation on a traditional missionary position, which makes it easier for the giver to enter from behind. Body size doesn’t necessarily limit certain sex poses, but everyone […]

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