Month: September 2023

Why Do Vibrators Feel Good?

Whether used solo or with a partner, vibrators can bring a ton of pleasure. “You can find a lot of different settings and intensities on them, so it’s important to start out slowly,” Eilber says. They’re also relatively simple. But why do vibrators feel so good, exactly? To answer this question, Mic spoke to a […]

How to Use an Egg Vibrator

An egg-shaped vibrator is a multipurpose pleasure tool that can be used internally or externally, with or without a partner and for anal or vaginal play. These toys also stimulate the g-spot and anterior fornix, making them perfect for oral sex and arousal. Like all sex toys, they require proper care and cleaning to keep […]

What Does High Libido Mean?

In general, a woman’s libido will fluctuate throughout her lifetime and is nothing to worry about. However, if her libido suddenly increases or decreases for no apparent reason, it may be a sign of underlying medical issues. A high libido can also be a symptom of certain medications or health conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease […]

Sex Bump Causes Acne

There has never been any concrete evidence that sex causes acne. It has been suggested that hormones produced during puberty and sebum (oil) clogging the pores cause this skin condition. During sexual activity there is a lot of rubbing of body parts. This could lead to friction that may lead to acne. Sex hormones Nothing […]

Does Sex Delay a Period?

Many things can impact your menstrual cycle, including sex. But, does sex delay your period? The answer is no — unless you’re pregnant. However, it’s important to know that small variations in your cycle are normal. You may even experience spotting or bleeding after sexual activity. Let’s look at why this happens:. 1. Pregnancy Pregnancy […]

Guys Using a Vibrator?

While sex toys for men have gained some traction in mainstream culture, with CVS now selling rabbits and celebrities bragging about their Fleshlights, many straight people still think guys using a vibrator are weird. The truth is, a large number of heterosexual and gay-identified men use vibrators. And they use them for a whole host […]

What Is a Cock Ring?

A cock ring is designed to trap blood inside the penis to help create and maintain an erection. It can also reduce the likelihood of premature ejaculation (PE) during sexual intercourse. Some rings have a vibrator attached to stimulate the clitoral or anal areas. They can even double as a dildo during anal penetration. Size […]

Can Vibrators Cause Infertility?

When trying to conceive, couples must balance many factors. The process involves a narrow fertile window and vaginal lubrication is needed for sex to be effective. Some lubricants contain harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates and PVC. This has raised concerns about vibrators’ impact on fertility. It’s important to prioritize communication and consent, while practicing safe […]

How to Make a Vibrater at Home

We all have items around the house that can easily become household vibrators. From cell phones to gaming controllers, many things can be turned into a discreet and effective homemade vibrator for easy orgasms. When using a DIY vibrator, always use lube to avoid uncomfortable friction. Water-based lube is best because oil-based lubes can erode […]

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