Month: June 2023

The Best Way to Use a Vibrator

There’s no wrong way to use a vibrator, and it can be a fun addition to any sexual experience. Sex experts say it can increase arousal, inspire new explorations and conversations, open up the possibilities for sex with partners and even intensify orgasms. Start by applying lube to your toy and your genitals. This reduces […]

Does Sex Make You Hungry?

Feeling hungry after sex is totally normal. Especially after an orgasm, hormone levels increase which leads to an elevation in appetite. While sex may feel like a workout, it actually burns very few calories. Even the most ardent lover only burns about 100 calories per session, according to immunologist Lina Velikova. Hormones Hormones are messengers […]

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

A bullet vibrator is a toy of many uses. They can be used for clitoral stimulation (there are 8,000 nerve endings just waiting to be lit up) or as a gentle massager for the vulva and anus. The small shape also makes them easy to caress other erogenous zones, including the chest (think nipple play). […]

Vibrating Underwear With Remote

Vibrating underwear with remote provide hands-free stimulation that can be controlled remotely. They work best with a partner and can be worn in exciting locations like coffee shops, movie theaters, or on vacation. Just be aware that regular vibrator use can desensitize the clitoris, so you’ll want to take a break every now and then. […]

The Best G-Spot Vibrator

G-spot vibrators tend to get overlooked, but those who are in the know can find incredible pleasure here. We’ve rounded up the best toy options for stimulating this elusive pleasure zone. Some models (like the We-Vibe Rave) can be controlled using buttons on the toy itself, while others—like the Lelo Gigi 2—can be linked to […]

How to Use Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibes are small, discreet, and easy to use. They’re perfect for anyone looking to try a new toy for clitoral stimulation. Most vibrators have multiple speed (intensity) and pattern options. Experiment with these to discover your favorite combinations. You can also use a bullet to tease other erogenous zones – This information originates from […]

What Are Vibrating Panties?

Some vibrating panties have a pocket in the gusset of the underwear where a vibrator is placed. This pocket holds the vibrator against your vulva and can be controlled by a remote or app. Vibrating panties can be used alone or with a partner. Some have apps that allow both partners to control the vibes […]

How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

Many vibrating panties feature small bullet-shaped vibration devices that slip into the crotch. They may be built into the panties or sold separately as an attachment. Some also include a remote control. It’s a good idea to experiment with your panty vibe to get an understanding of its features and settings. Personal lubrication is recommended […]

Does Not Having Sex Cause Acne?

Nothing ruins the afterglow of a good sex session like waking up to a big pimple. Many people wonder if their sexual activities or masturbation could be to blame. Fortunately, the answer is no. While sexual activity can cause temporary hormonal changes that increase sebum production, a lot more goes into acne breakouts than just […]

No Sex Drive After Baby

It’s common for women to feel low libido after baby. This is due to multiple factors including hormones, exhaustion, and the changes that come with parenthood. For example, the hormone prolactin is a double-whammy: It prepares your body for breastfeeding, but it also suppresses libido. There are many reasons why sex may not be your […]

Household Items That Vibrate

Whether you’re on the go and forgot your vibrator or are too shy to enter a sex shop, knowing household stand-ins can help you reach orgasm when the mood strikes. Nearly all objects will vibrate when hit, struck, plucked, strummed or otherwise disturbed from their resting position. The frequency at which they vibrate is known […]

Why is My Penis Vibrating?

The penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, particularly during sex and masturbation. However, from time to time, it may feel less sensitive or tingly than usual. When this happens, it’s important to consult a doctor to rule out any medical issues that might be contributing to the sensation. Lifestyle factors […]

Can Sex Change Period Cycles?

The short answer to this is no – unless you get an STI (such as chlamydia or trichomoniasis). Sexual arousal and orgasm may cause chemical changes, but they can’t change or disrupt the entire menstrual cycle. Some variation in cycle length and phase is totally normal, though. Here’s why and how sex might affect your […]

The Best Long Distance Vibrators

Long distance relationships are hotter than ever thanks to state-of-the-art sex toys that allow your partner to touch you from far away. From a discreet kegel vibrator to an internal panty vibe, these toys use apps to help you and your partner connect and share pleasure. Lovense’s rabbit vibrator, for instance, features a rotating head, […]

Long Distance Vibrating Panties

With long distance relationships on the rise, sex toys have become an essential for those wanting to spice up their intimacy. One of the most exciting options is a vibrating panty. Vibrating panties are more discreet than a traditional vibrator and are ideal for couples who want to tease each other. The OhMiBod BlueMotion panty […]

How to Use a Toothbrush As a Vibrator

A recent story circulating the internet tells of a woman who confessed to masturbating with her electric toothbrush. This is not recommended, as it could lead to a range of dental and vaginal issues, including infections. However, toothbrushes can be used as a DIY vibrator and the vibrations they emit are pretty powerful. Plus, you […]

Things That Vibrate Hard

Objects that vibrate Nearly any object that is hit, struck, plucked, strummed or otherwise disturbed will vibrate. Most objects will vibrate at a specific frequency or set of frequencies. This is known as the object’s natural frequency. When objects with similar natural frequencies come into contact with each other, they often start to vibrate together […]

The Effects of Lack of Sex in Marriage

Many factors can contribute to lack of sex in marriage. Medical conditions like diabetes and cancer, and even aging, can impact sexual desire. Unresolved sexual trauma can also negatively affect a spouse’s desire for intimacy. Often, couples can work through these issues with sex therapy. But some situations are more serious and require professional help. […]

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