Things That Vibrate Hard

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Objects that vibrate

Nearly any object that is hit, struck, plucked, strummed or otherwise disturbed will vibrate. Most objects will vibrate at a specific frequency or set of frequencies. This is known as the object’s natural frequency. When objects with similar natural frequencies come into contact with each other, they often start to vibrate together at the same time. This is called resonance.

There are many household items that can be used as sex toys or vibrators, although they may not feel quite like a tongue. Chinese meditation balls, vibrating stuffed animals, Tens units and video game controllers provide some of the quietest vibrations, while detachable showerheads and hot tub jets offer the fastest vibrations. It is important to use only those objects that are safe for skin contact and can handle lubrication. It is also a good idea to avoid using objects that have warnings or explicit instructions on them. These objects are likely to cause injury or damage if used improperly.

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Sex Toys

When buying a vibrator or sex toy, look for one made from body-safe materials like solid silicone, glass, and metals such as stainless steel. These are less likely to harbor harmful bacteria or viruses and will be easier to keep clean, Ashford notes. Additionally, make sure any toy you purchase is marketed as safe for use on the clit and has multiple levels of vibration.

There are a variety of sex toys out there that offer different sensations, from rumbly to buzzy and everything in between, but it’s important to take your time when choosing a toy to ensure you find the right fit. “If you’re unsure where to start, go to your local sex toy shop and ask someone who works there about which toys are best for what types of stimulation,” Sexsmith says.

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She recommends the Hitachi, which has a big head with lots of surface area for intense clit stimulation and deep rumbly power. The Dame website also offers a variety of toys that are quiet, discreet, and beginner-friendly, including the Eva, a hands-free vibrator designed to stimulate the clit, and the Pom, which has a flexible shaft for a variety of stim locations (clit, nipples, or genitals).

Sex toys can be a fun way to introduce new sensations into a relationship, or they can be used to help relieve symptoms of certain sexual disorders or health conditions, such as erectile dysfunction or hypoactive sexual desire. However, they’re not mandatory and it’s totally OK if you decide that sex toys aren’t for you, or that you’d rather have them as an extra boost for masturbation alone.

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When a hard object crashes onto a hard floor or surface, it starts to vibrate and creates rhythmic disturbances in the air (let’s say this is called sound). Our ears detect these vibrations as they travel to us. Vibrations can make sound waves but they can also produce pressure waves without our hearing them. Think of a metal spring such as a Slinky: When you push on one end, it bunches up and then slowly stretches out as it travels to the other end.

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