Hitachi Vibrating Massager Cordless Review

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A staple in every masturbation lovers toy cabinet, the Hitachi wand is a name that’s synonymous with vibrators. Cam girls are known to perform ‘Hitachi Shows’ and this updated rechargeable version is even better than the original!

It offers 4 intensity levels and four vibration patterns. Plus, it comes with a simple switch and power button.

Product Description

If you’re looking for a wand vibrator that delivers orgasms without a lot of fuss, the Hitachi Magic Wand is your best bet. This model comes with a removable head that fits most compatible attachments and can be easily removed for cleaning. The Hitachi vibrator is also easy to position and requires no complicated gizmos – This snippet offers a snapshot of the service expert’s analytical prowess Just put it between your legs and the head against your clit or labia for instant orgasms.

This classic vibrator was first marketed as a household appliance in 1968 and made a mark on feminist history by allowing women to enjoy masturbation in private. Its discreet appearance and ability to work well as a clitoral massager turned it into one of the most beloved sex toys on the market.

With four intensity levels and four vibration patterns, this model from Hitachi can be customized to suit your pleasure. Its flexible neck can be positioned and adjusted to get the perfect angle for stimulation, and its rumbly motor can go on for hours. It’s a great choice for solo use, but also works well with a partner.

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The Hitachi vibrator is a bit bigger than the Le Wand or Doxy, but it’s still small enough to hide under clothing. It can be used cordless, but it’s also convenient to keep plugged in and use while charging. A red light signals that it’s time to recharge, and once it turns green, you’re good to go.

Product Features

When it comes to wand vibrators, the Hitachi Magic Wand is the one that everyone knows about. It’s the one that Cam Girls use to do their infamous wand shows. In fact, the name itself has become synonymous with wands as a whole.

The wand has a supple silicone head that’s perfect for masturbation and is body-safe. It also has 4 intensity levels and four vibration patterns. It can be used cordless or plugged in and is easy to clean.

Unlike some sex toys that are gimmicky, the Hitachi is simple and functional. It even looks like a household appliance. This makes it a discreet choice for women who aren’t comfortable with their masturbation toys being seen by others.

The Hitachi has a light on its base that turns red when it’s charging and green when it’s ready for action. It also has a three-meter (around 10 feet) long cord, which makes it convenient for you to plug in when necessary. And if you’re using it in your home, it’s safe to use while the kids are sleeping. This wand also has an indicator that flashes red when it’s low on battery power. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that you shouldn’t leave it plugged in for too long as this could significantly reduce its lifespan.

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Product Benefits

The Hitachi Magic Wand, originally trademarked in 1968, has a long history of helping women reach orgasms without a partner. It’s one of those vibrators that’s so famous, cam girls actually call their clitoral pleasure shows Hitachi Shows (even though they might be using an entirely different brand of wand).

The Magic Wand is very intense, especially for women who don’t have much experience with vibrators. For that reason, it’s best used as a final act after you and your boobs have warmed up with other toys. If you find it too intense, try using the Hitachi over a pillow, shirt or piece of fabric to soften the blow.

This rechargeable magic wand has 4 intensity power levels and four vibrations patterns and can be used corded for plug-and-play or without the cord to take your pleasure anywhere you want. It has an indicator light that lights red to indicate it’s charging and turns green when finished. It’s also safe to use while it’s plugged in and has a three hour charge time.

If you’re a fan of the Magic Wand but would rather not be tied down by a cord, Le Wand and Doxy offer similar experiences in a more portable package. The Doxy starts at just under $120, which is $15 less than Hitachi. While the Doxy’s head is smaller than the Hitachi and Le Wand, it still offers a good amount of surface area for clitoral stimulation.

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Product Conclusions

The hitachi vibrating massager cordless is a top choice for those who are looking for quality that lasts. It is also a great option for those who are new to vibrators and want something safe and powerful that won’t break the bank. This product is made of high-quality materials and has passed rigorous safety tests. It is also safe to use on most areas of the body, and it provides penetrating vibrations that soothe aching muscles.

The Magic Wand has become a household name and is even featured in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, where it helps Samantha recover from surgery. It’s a safe and discreet adult toy that has become one of the most popular on the market. The Magic Wand was first sold in the US by Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations, who wanted to create a safe and non-creepy space for women to shop for vibrators.

In 2023, the Magic Wand Original received a name change and some upgrades in its components, circuitry, and vibrating head. Dan Martin, President of Vibratex, explains that prior to the name change, Hitachi never acknowledged that the wand was used as a sex toy. After the cat was out of the bag, Dan and his team could ask for improvements that were in line with how the Magic Wand was being used by consumers.

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