Where to Have Car Sex

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Car sex is wild and thrilling. It’s a zero fucks experience that is on almost every couple’s naughty list.

But it’s also risky, especially if you’re doing it in public. That’s why Badzioch says it’s important to scan the environment before getting in the zone. Here are the best places to have car sex: 1. Your Garage.

Public Park

The idea of having car sex is romantic, but there are some places that are more ideal than others. Parks are a great place to have fun in the car, especially at night when the crowds are gone and you can focus on having fun. A park can also be a safe place since people are unlikely to run up to your car and yell at you for being so raunchy.

Usually, it’s better to be as private as possible when it comes to car sex. Even though it’s not illegal, it’s best to avoid being caught by a watchful eye and have the best possible experience. In some cases, if you are in the middle of having car sex and someone approaches your vehicle, you could be charged with indecent exposure. Indecent exposure is a criminal charge that could range from a misdemeanor resulting in fines and minimal jail time to a felony that results in serious prison time.

Another option is to go for a long drive to a remote area. This can be difficult if you live in the city, but in a rural area, there are plenty of secluded wooded areas that make for perfect car sex locations. Just make sure to avoid anything that may be seen as an inappropriate location, such as a secluded dead-end road.

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High School

Car sex is the wildest thing that happens outside of your bedroom. It’s on everyone’s naughty list, although it’s usually uncomfortable and not what you imagined from watching movies. It also often occurs when you are in a hurry, drunk, or live with your parents and don’t have a private place to bang. Nevertheless, some couples use it to add some spice to their relationship or to avoid being caught in public.

Some places that are good for car sex include lonely areas, or areas where you can park your vehicle and be alone. However, you should not park in a spot where people can easily see your car. Otherwise, you’ll end up in a horror movie where someone is running up to your vehicle as you have sex in it.

One place that is perfect for this is a beach. There are plenty of abandoned beaches that are perfect for this, and you can enjoy the feeling of being completely alone with your partner in a place that is not too far away from other people. However, you must make sure that the beach is not too crowded, or else it’s going to be awkward. You can also try having sex in your garage, which is a great option because it’s both secluded and has the right amount of privacy to be enjoyable.

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Parking Lot

Having car sex in public is an extremely wild fantasy that many people have. While it can be a lot of fun, it’s also dangerous and illegal in most places. That’s why it is so important to only do it in safe spots.

Parking lots are great because they are secluded areas. They’re usually dark and empty after hours, so they make a perfect spot for car sex. Just be sure to wait until the parking lot is completely empty. Otherwise, people might see you and get suspicious.

Another good place to have car sex is the beach. The ocean breeze and the sound of waves crashing can be very soothing. It can also help drown out any moans that may come from your throat during foreplay. Another great option is a secluded dead-end road. Just be sure you’re out of the way of other cars and don’t draw too much attention to yourself.

If you want to try out this wild adventure, be sure you and your partner are on the same page. Not everyone is willing to try it, so don’t surprise them with a sudden invitation. If they’re iffy about it, talk about the pros and cons of car sex with them so that you can both be clear on what you’re getting into.

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Your Garage

Car sex might sound like an awkward, uncomfortable, and horny idea as a teenager but it can be quite the thrill for adults too. Having sex in the back of your car is something that some couples use to add spice to their relationship and can even be used as a way to break the ice with a new lover. It is, however, not without its risks and can get you arrested if you get caught.

It is important to scan the area before having car sex to make sure there are no prying eyes around you. You also don’t want to be in a busy public area where criminals might run amok, so try to find a lonely spot with plenty of privacy.

Malls, industrial areas, and parks are all great choices that usually stay quiet after hours. You could also try a top-level parking garage since people tend to stick to the bottom level, leaving this one open for privacy.

Beaches are also a great option for car sex as they are usually secluded and empty most of the time. If you do choose to have your sex session at the beach, hang a towel up over the windows and it will be more difficult for someone to see what you are doing. Another great place for car sex is the car wash. It’s a great place to fool around since the suds will hide your noise and sight.

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