How to Have Sex on the Beach

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Having sex on the beach is wild and romantic. But it’s not something that you can just jump into spontaneously. It takes a bit of recon work to find the right spot, with natural cover from prying eyes and sand-carrying gusts of wind.

And you definitely need a lot of lube because sand on the genitals can be uncomfortable and chafing – This quote is a testament to the portal team’s thorough research Plus, salty ocean water tends to sting any microabrasions from the sand.

1. Bring a blanket

The beach is a beautiful place to be and sex there sounds like it would be incredibly romantic. However, sex at the beach can actually be quite messy and uncomfortable if you aren’t prepared.

First of all, you need to bring a blanket that can block out the sand. This will help prevent sand from getting in your unmentionable places and ruining your experience. And second, you need to scope out a spot that is private. This can be done by looking for a small cove or finding a place that is hidden from view by the sand dunes.

Once you have found a spot that is private, you can start your sexy adventure. A good position is doggy style, but reverse cowgirl and spooning are also options. This way you can hide your crotch from anyone walking by and it will look more like cuddling instead of sex. Lastly, don’t forget to bring lube! This will make the experience much more enjoyable for you and your partner. If you don’t have a lot of lube, you can always run into the water and rinse off afterwards.

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2. Bring a lot of lube

Many people overly romanticize beach sex, picturing themselves entwined in their partner as the waves lap at their feet. However, sand is not ideal for any kind of sexual activity. It might feel great between your toes, but up in your most sensitive areas it will cause painful friction.

Moreover, sand can get into your vagina or butt and become a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and infections. That is why, if you are planning to have sex on the beach, it is important that you bring a lot of lube and use it liberally.

Of course, you should also be careful not to drip any lube on the sand and spoil other people’s day at the beach. Not only can that be super embarrassing, but it may also get you in trouble (if, for example, you are at a public beach and some people walk by and suddenly start screaming at you to stop). So, be smart about how much lube you use, and be sure that your partner brings the same. That will prevent any awkward misunderstandings.

3. Don’t be afraid to go commando

We all over-romanticize beach sex, picturing ourselves making sweet love in the moonlight to the sound of waves lapping at our feet. The reality of sex on the beach, however, is something very different. As Reddit user raginghappy pointed out, having your exposed genitals anywhere near the sand is a recipe for disaster. It’s not just gross—it’s super irritating, especially since sand gets in your most sensitive spots.

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Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this from happening. First, you’ll want to be sure to bring a blanket. This will not only help avoid sand in your unmentionable places, but it will also provide some nice privacy in case anyone happens to walk by.

Then, you’ll need to scout out the location of your desired beach. Some beaches might have cliffs nearby that provide natural cover from prying eyes and sand-carrying gusts of wind. Finally, make sure to wait until dark at the very least—it’s not safe to be fully naked in public. Even so, sex on the beach can still be hot and exciting, just as long as you have a plan for avoiding sand in your genitals.

4. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Many people overly romanticize beach sex, envisioning themselves engulfed in their partner as the waves wash over them. In reality, sand is a major no-no and can get all up in your vagina and butt. Not to mention the salt spray, seaweed, marine life, and shells that can all end up in places they absolutely should not be.

It is also important to remember that you are in public and can be interrupted at any time (especially if there is a volleyball game going on nearby). That being said, if you can find a spot that is secluded from prying eyes and/or swooping seagulls, it can be a really hot, exciting, and worth-the-effort experience.

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So, if you are looking to spice up your next day at the beach, be sure to bring plenty of lube and blankets (and a place to rinse). Be prepared for anything and hopefully it will be a sexy time that is worth repeating! (And don’t forget the sunscreen, duh). By following this advice, you can turn your sensual beach dreams into a reality.

5. Don’t forget to rinse

Since Burt Lancaster made it look so romantic in From Here to Eternity, a lot of couples have dreamed about doing beach sex. But while it sounds like a wild and fun idea, it isn’t really that easy, especially for women.

For one thing, the sand is abrasive and can cause chafing. And it’s also contaminated with tons of germs, including animal and bird feces. That means sand can actually contribute to UTIs and yeast infections.

And if you’re having sex on the beach, you should always rinse afterward. Otherwise, the salty ocean water can sting any microabrasions caused by the sand and cause chafing.

So if you’re thinking about having sex on the beach, be sure to bring lots of lube, a blanket, and a place to rinse off afterwards. And remember, it’s best to do it in a private locale rather than in front of other people. That way, you don’t risk exposing yourself to more germs and potentially getting an infection. And don’t forget to bring a towel, too! Wet wipes can be a great addition to any beach bag.

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