Long Distance Vibrating Panties

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With long distance relationships on the rise, sex toys have become an essential for those wanting to spice up their intimacy. One of the most exciting options is a vibrating panty.

Vibrating panties are more discreet than a traditional vibrator and are ideal for couples who want to tease each other. The OhMiBod BlueMotion panty vibe is powerful and rechargeable, with a single charge providing up to two hours of orgasms.


When you pick a long distance vibrating panty, make sure the manufacturer offers a quality guarantee and/or a customer service line for questions or concerns. Vibrating panties are going to get downright dirty, so it’s important that they’re easy to keep clean. You also want to choose a vibe that’s simple to insert and take out, as well as one that’s discreet enough to wear in public without drawing attention.

The best long distance vibrating panties come with a remote control, which you can use to switch through different vibration modes and intensity levels. You can also shuffle through preset patterns or download additional ones to mix things up. Some panties also feature pockets for interchangeable bullet vibes to add even more stimulation options. Some models even have Sync-to-Music Technology that syncs the vibration to your favorite tunes for a sexy, intimate experience.

Most app-controlled vibrating panties can be controlled from anywhere in the world so that you and your partner can enjoy a virtual masturbation session no matter where you are. The Ferri panty-style vibrator, for example, has the longest range of all wearable vibration toys, so you can even use it on vacation! Just make sure to get your partner on the same WiFi network before you start playing. Some apps like OhMiBod require that you and your partner are on a call or video chat to control the toy, while others, such as We-Vibe and Lovense, allow both of you to share the controls no matter where you are.

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Remote Control

Long-distance vibrating panties are the perfect sex toys for couples who want to play while apart. You can enjoy clitoral stimulation by yourself or invite a partner to control your panty vibe via an app.

Discreet and easy to use, remote control panties let you have fun in public without worrying about anyone noticing your secret. You can even tease yourself during the day and enjoy the naughty vibe while you’re at the library or eating dinner out. Just don’t forget a big bottle of lube to get the most out of your sexy vibes.

If you choose a model with a pocket for interchangeable bullet vibes, you can add a variety of extras to your wearable vibrator. You can also opt for a toy that syncs with music or one that vibrates along with your favorite erotic audiobook. You can even buy panties with a built-in vibration controller that’s controlled by a discreet remote.

The best remote control panty vibes are quiet enough to use in public and comfortable enough to wear while you’re on a date. Some models even have a hidden switch that lets you turn off the remote control so nobody knows when you’re using it for solo pleasure. This feature is great for keeping the flames of lust alive during long work hours or when you’re in the middle of a business meeting.

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Discreet Design

The best long distance vibrating panties are made from hygienic, body-safe materials and designed to be discreet in the way they look. They are small enough to slip inside most underwear with a silky tie or clasp to hold it in place, and they have the power to please with rumbly, powerful vibrations that tease the clitoris or other erogenous zones. Many have multiple modes to explore as well as the option to sync up with your partner from afar.

Some panty vibes are also powerful enough to give a satisfying, long-lasting orgasm on their own without a partner. The TangoX, for example, is tiny but packs a punch with eight different vibrating settings that can be controlled via the accompanying app. The strongest setting is Rumbly and powerful enough to give you several orgasms in a row. It can be worn in public and used with a partner during dates at the movies, dinner, or other activities where you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself.

Some of the more advanced options, like the We-Vibe Moxie and Little Secret, use a magnetic clip system to ensure the vibe stays put inside your underwear or other garment. The Ferri panty vibe, meanwhile, can be clipped into a cheeky panty or lace thong, and it’s even possible to turn it into boxers shorts with the included magnet attachment.

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Long distance vibrating panties allow couples to share control over their clitoral stimulation while having a hands-free orgasm. Many come with remotes for two-handed control or a discreet app that allows the user to turn the vibe on and off, change patterns and access 12 vibration speeds without arousing suspicion. Some even have a setting to sync the toy with music or other sounds, further enhancing pleasure in intimate situations.

If you’re looking for a discreet option with less power but still more than enough to please, consider a detachable panty vibe. One example is the Leaf and Spirit Panty Vibe, a tiny vibe that slides into the front pocket of a pair of pants or underwear. It can be worn with anything and offers several levels of vibration intensity. However, there’s no magnet to hold it in place, so it tends to move around a bit during use.

A better option for more power is a rechargeable long distance panty vibe like the Lovense Lush 3. It clips into your underwear and comes with interchangeable bullet vibes in multiple sizes for custom orgasms. You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and sync with music or other sounds for a more immersive experience. And because it’s rechargeable, you can wear it for hours at a time without worrying about battery life.

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