Lush Remote Controlled Vibrators

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Lovense’s Lush 3 is a quiet, discreet remote control egg vibrator that can be operated via Bluetooth or WiFi (for long distance play). The toy is also compatible with Apple Watch and can be synced with music for a climactic experience.

Its motor is 4 times more powerful than other love eggs or vibrating panties, but it’s whisper-quiet when inserted. Users can customize vibration strength and patterns with the free Lovense app.

Easy to use

The Lush 3 is an easy-to-use remote control vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Its curved design hits all the right spots. The only downside is the long neck that stretches out to the Bluetooth antenna, but it’s a minor drawback when compared with the comfort and convenience of the toy itself.

You can control the Lush via Bluetooth or WiFi, using the Lovense app. There are various patterns to choose from, including gentle purrs, intense vibrations, pulsating waves, fireworks, and earthquakes. You can also use the app to synchronize your vibrator with music, or just listen to it alone.

The Lovense app is more intuitive and complete than other remote control vibrator apps. It lets you adjust the toy’s power, sync it with music, and download patterns that other users have shared. Its user-friendly interface is also better than its competitors’, making it easier for you and your partner to navigate. You can even connect it to other Lovense toys for long-distance play. If you’re worried about security, the Lovense app is secure, but it isn’t completely risk-free, since any savvy hacker could gain access to your intimate personal information.

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The Lush 3 is a discreet, powerful Bluetooth remote control vibrator that can be used alone or with a partner. It stimulates the internal g-spot for fun deep orgasms, and it can also be controlled over the internet, making it a great option for long-distance webcam sex. It’s USB rechargeable, has a high-grade rumble motor that provides strong vibrations for hours, and is nearly silent when inserted.

It’s a perfect option for intimate play or discreet public fun, and it’s made from body-safe silicone that’s easy to clean. It can be activated by button, sound command, or via the Lovense Remote app over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It can be set to sync with music, or use sound-activated vibrations, and it offers unlimited vibration patterns and power levels. It’s even waterproof, and it has a magnetic charging port for easy access to the on/off button when it’s inserted. You can also adjust the vibrations to your preferred intensity level. It’s a bit pricey, but it offers a one-year warranty.


Lush remote controlled vibrators are a discreet way to enjoy masturbation, especially when you’re in public. They’re easy to use and offer a variety of vibration patterns to suit your preferences. They’re also small and portable, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go. They’re ideal for both solo and couple play, allowing you to enjoy erotic pleasure on the go.

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You can control the lush remotely using a smartphone app or the manual interface on the toy itself. The app provides several interactive options and connectivity with virtual assistants. It’s perfect for hands-free orgasms in private, and you can even sync it with music or your partner’s voice!

It’s also a great option for long-distance couples. Lovense’s app lets you and your partner have shared access to the vibrator’s controls, so you can enjoy orgasms from anywhere in the world. Some users have even reported that it’s helped them maintain intimacy and romance despite distance. One woman says that syncing her lush with her boyfriend’s phone has brought their relationship back to life!

Long-distance play

The Lush is a wearable vibrator that can be used for long-distance play. It has a discreet design and is waterproof. It’s also strong enough for hands-free G-spot stimulation. The app allows you to create and adjust vibration patterns. This makes it easy to customize for different needs.

The toy’s Bluetooth connection is reliable, although it can sometimes cut out, especially if the antenna is covered by your skin. The toy is not as quiet as some other remote control vibrators, but it can be a good choice for public play and long-distance sex.

The app-controlled version of the toy has a lot of cool features that make it ideal for long-distance play. It’s possible to sync the motor with your music, or even your voice, to create a more immersive experience. In addition to this, the app can also allow you and your partner to take turns playing with the toy, which is perfect for couples in long-distance relationships. This toy is compatible with Android phones and tablets, iOS devices, Mac computers, and Windows PCs.

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Battery life

The Lush 3 by Lovense is a great remote-controlled vibrator for couples or solo play. It has a curved design and a single-button interface, making it easy to use. It is also waterproof and has a unique clitoris shape that stimulates the G-spot. It has a few different modes and intensity levels to keep you moaning all night. The toy is compatible with both Bluetooth and WiFi and can be controlled with a mobile app.

This sex toy is made from body-safe, smooth silicone for both partners’ comfort. It is also easily cleanable with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner. It is rechargeable and only takes about 85 minutes to fully charge. It also features a magnetic charging port that keeps the connection secure, preventing fickle Bluetooth disconnections.

This vibrator is a must-have for couples who enjoy long-distance play. It can be controlled with a smartphone app, which allows you to control the vibrations, modes, and other settings from anywhere in the world. It also offers a chat option that lets you talk to your partner while using the toy.

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