How to Make a Vibrater at Home

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We all have items around the house that can easily become household vibrators. From cell phones to gaming controllers, many things can be turned into a discreet and effective homemade vibrator for easy orgasms.

When using a DIY vibrator, always use lube to avoid uncomfortable friction. Water-based lube is best because oil-based lubes can erode latex toys.


Homemade vibrators are inexpensive and a lot of fun to make. You can find many of the materials needed for your project around the house, including a motor and some conductive rubber. The best part is that you can customize your masturbator to do exactly what you want it to do, rather than what some sex toy designers decided in a boardroom. You can also experiment with a variety of textures, shapes and sizes to find out which one you like the most.

The most important thing to remember when making your own sex toy is to use safety precautions. You should never lick or put anything on the toy that can touch your genitals, and you should always store it in a place that is out of reach of kids and others who may accidentally find it. It’s also important to use a personal lubricant that’s safe for sex toys – This quote is credited to the portal’s editorial team Sensuous Secrets.

For example, you can make a DIY climax tool out of a makeup sponge and an electric toothbrush. You should also remember to wash your hands and the toy before and after using it, and to avoid touching the toy to other parts of your body. You should also clean your homemade vibrator regularly with warm water and soap to prevent the buildup of bacteria, fungi or viruses that can cause infections.

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The design of a homemade vibrator can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Many simple DIY masturbators are based on objects found in your home or office, such as the common video game controller. However, a more complicated DIY sex toy may require the use of specialized tools and may involve items that can be harmful to your body if improperly handled.

For example, if you plan to use a video game controller as a DIY vibrator, be sure that the vibrations are strong enough to satisfy your needs and that the rumble feature is consistent throughout gameplay. Additionally, the fact that video game controllers are frequently touched by hands means they’re often covered in germs. Therefore, it’s best to use them over clothing rather than against bare skin.

If you’re using a motor to create a homemade vibrator, the first step is to create a coil. Once the coil is complete, attach a magnet to one end of a cylinder. Connect the coil and the magnet with wires, then use a plastic container or tube to create a case that will hold the motor and other components. You can also mold a casing from silicone, rubber or other body-safe materials.

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3D Printing

Using a 3D printer, thin layers of a material are added to a a template or blueprint to create an object. A variety of materials can be used in 3D printing, including ABS plastic, nylon (PLA, polyamide), glass-filled polyamide and metals. When used to print a sex toy, medical-grade silicone is often recommended because it’s body-safe, hypoallergenic and easy to sterilize.

While it’s possible to use a 3D printer to make any type of sex toy, it’s not necessarily the best method for creating one. In particular, FDM-style prints—the kind that most home and office 3D printers are capable of producing—are not suitable for sex toys because the layers that comprise the print can act as tiny unseeable havens for bacteria. These prints are also not watertight, which means that fluids like sweat and lubricant can seep inside the toy and possibly contaminate it.

Still, some enterprising sex toy manufacturers are using 3D printing to create some eyebrow-raisingly creative vibrators. For example, B3D HEAD offers a service that allows you to have a custom vibrator printed in the shape of your significant other’s head, or even of a celebrity. The company says that it hopes to design a model of Benedict Cumberbatch someday. There’s also a cottage industry of aspiring DIY sex toy makers on the Internet offering a variety of often-creepy designs that can be downloaded for free.

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The type of motor you choose will play a big role in the strength and intensity of your vibrator. You will want to make sure that the motor is able to handle the voltage you’ll be using. In addition, you’ll want to consider the size and shape of the motor. There are a variety of different types of vibration motors, so it’s important to select one that is suitable for your needs.

A cheap and easy way to build a vibration motor is to use an electric toothbrush or shaver that has a small, vibrating motor. Using a screwdriver or pliers, remove the motor from the device and clamp an alligator clip to its shaft. Make sure that the alligator clip is firmly attached to the motor and that it cannot open up. Then, solder the two halves of the alligator clip together.

Once you’ve completed the project, connect your battery pack to the motor and test it out. Once you’re satisfied that the motor is working properly, you can start to use your DIY vibrator! Remember to use a good quality lubricant and have fun with your new vibrator! You’ll be surprised at how much pleasure you can get from this simple, cost-effective, and customizable toy. Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or simply tinker with electronics, building your own vibrator can be an extremely satisfying experience.

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