How Does Sex Make Your Body Change?

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When you’re sexually active, your body goes through a lot of changes. From a biological point of view, the more you have sex, the more your libido increases and it’s easier to orgasm.

The organs down below also get used to penetration and the clitoris learns to swell up on its own in response to your partner. It also does this before and during orgasm.


As any woman knows, their breasts have a lot of blood vessels in them that fill with blood when they become sexually aroused. That can cause their size to increase by up to 25 percent. Breasts also produce pheromones, which can improve your mood and make you feel more attractive to your partner. Some medical professionals say this is why women are genetically programmed to have them.

The muscles in the vulva — also known as the vagina — may also get darker in color due to all that blood flow. But don’t worry, your nipples and areola won’t get bigger permanently, and they will return to their normal size after sex.

Your climax happens when the muscles in your body reach their peak of arousal. The heart rate, breathing and blood pressure all rise as muscle tension increases. The genitals may start to swell up, the clitoris will become erect and the nipples will harden. In the case of men, timed contractions of the penis lead to semen ejaculation during sex.

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Some people mistakenly believe that their body changes after they become sexually active, particularly during puberty or growing up. That’s because a lot of biological processes happen around the same time as sexual activity. But no matter when you have sex, there’s zero connection between your sexual activity and your body growth. That’s unless you’re pregnant, which does cause your body to change.


As a major erogenous zone, the breasts get plenty of attention during sexual arousal. The nipples harden and the areola may turn pink or darker as they become engorged with a rich flow of blood. The nipples also have hundreds of nerves, making them super sensitive to touch. Gently rubbing or massaging your nipples during arousal can feel great. Try varying the pressure and play around with what feels best.

In the second phase, your heartbeat and breathing get faster as your excitement intensifies. Your skin might redden and the genital area gets even more blood flow, causing the woman’s labia minora to swell and her clitoris to erect. The man’s testicles may enlarge and tighten, and the scrotum secretes a lubricating fluid.

At this point, the body is flooded with hormones that make it very difficult to control your behavior. You might find yourself wanting to kiss or bite your partner. You might start drooling. Your clitoral muscles get so tense that you might accidentally ejaculate semen. During this phase, you might not even remember what happened in the bedroom. Then your excitement fades and the nipples return to their normal size. You might have forgotten to wipe after your last intercourse. The nipples, areola and clitoris can still be stimulated, however, to trigger orgasm in the future.

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There are a lot of myths about the physical changes that happen to a woman’s body due to sex. But when it comes to the vagina, there’s actually not a whole lot that happens besides what usually happens during orgasms: The clitoris and the uterus enlarge and contract as arousal kicks into high gear; the breasts get flushed; and the nipples get harder. This is all completely normal and will go back to what they were once the sexual experience is over.

Women’s vulva and vagina also become more sensitive when they are aroused. This is a result of the surge of hormones that go through what experts call the sexual response cycle.

This is the first phase of the process and begins with arousal, which causes a surge of happy hormones to help boost mood and libido. The heart rate increases and breathing becomes deeper; muscles tense up; the nipples firm up; and the skin gets a darker shade. This is why the vagina sometimes swells up, especially if it’s not being properly lubricated during orgasms.

The hymen — the membrane that separates the vulva from the vagina — also breaks during orgasms. This is another common thing that people mistake for a sign of loss of virginity, but it’s actually caused by friction and can occur when engaging in any activity that involves putting your fingers inside your vulva (even kissing). If the hymen continues to tear even after you stop sexing, you should see a doctor to ensure you don’t have an infection or other issue.

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During intimacy, it is common to get distracted by the feelings and emotions and to not pay much attention to what your body is going through. While this is perfectly fine, there are a few things you should know about the way your body reacts after sexual activity. Often, these reactions can seem strange but are usually normal.

For example, many women feel their nipples grow bigger after having sex. This is because the breasts experience a temporary swelling due to increased blood flow. The nipples also become firmer and sensitive due to the release of happy hormones. However, this is only during arousal and should return to normal after sex.

Your vagina also gets lubricated to help you feel comfortable. This is a necessary process as it helps you have sex. However, the amount of lubrication will depend on your personal preference and will change over time.

Having sex is an incredible feeling that provides both partners with intense pleasure. This intimate act can also boost your self-esteem, improve your sleep, and relieve stress. It can even help you lose weight as it burns calories and releases happy hormones. In fact, sex is one of the most fun forms of exercise that can be done at home. Moreover, it is also cheaper than hitting the gym!

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