Why Can’t You Have Sex After a Wax?

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A wax is a great way to remove unwanted hair from the bikini area. However, it is important to know that you should not have sex for at least 24 hours after a wax. This is because sex can cause friction and may lead to irritation.

In addition, you should also avoid using harsh soaps or lotions on the area. Read on to learn more about why you should wait before having sex after a wax.

1. It can irritate the skin

Waxing is a good way to remove hair, but it can also irritate the skin. Some people get red bumps or blemishes after waxing, but these usually clear up within a few days. It is important to avoid scratching or picking at a breakout because this can lead to infection. Instead, wash the area with a gentle soap and lukewarm water. You should also try to keep the area cool, as heat can aggravate the inflammation.

If you have especially sensitive skin, you may have a histamine reaction after waxing. This is a type of inflammation that causes itchy bumps, redness, and hives. It can be caused by the chemicals in the wax, or it can be triggered by the stress of the situation. You can prevent this by using a gentle cleanser and an aloe vera gel after your waxing appointment.

It is also important to stay away from exercise, gym classes, and other activities that can cause friction or sweat on freshly waxed skin. You should also avoid genital-to-genital contact until the irritation has gone down. Rubbing ice cubes on the area can help to reduce inflammation and irritation. If you need to touch the area, use a non-scented ointment to protect it from bacteria and other germs. You should also avoid tanning before or after a wax because this can make the area more sensitive.

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2. It can cause infection

Some people might be tempted to douse themselves with body lotion after waxing, but this can actually make things worse. Lotion can clog your freshly opened pores and cause infections. It’s best to wait a few days before using lotion on the area that was waxed.

It’s also important to avoid tanning, lying in the sun or exercise after a wax, as these can irritate your skin. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing tight clothing or using any perfumes, powders or deodorants on the areas that were waxed. These can irritate the skin and cause it to redden or swell. It’s also important to not scratch the areas that were waxed as this can lead to an infection. If you are itching the area, it’s a good idea to use an over-the-counter pain medication or apply a cold compress to reduce inflammation.

Another potential side-effect of waxing is that it can cause an infection known as folliculitis. This is a bacterial infection that appears as small red or white bumps around the hair follicles. Although this condition isn’t serious in nonimmunocompromised individuals, it can be a serious problem for immunocompromised patients.

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To help prevent folliculitis, you can take ibuprofen an hour or two before your appointment and wear loose, comfortable clothes. You can also trim your hair to about a half-inch before your waxing appointment to help the wax grip the hairs better.

3. It can make the skin more sensitive

If you have sensitive skin, waxing can leave the area irritated and red right away. This is to be expected since the hair removal process is a physical one that removes the outermost layer of the skin, leaving the inner layers exposed. This can be uncomfortable, and even painful for those with very thin skin.

This sensitivity can be exacerbated by certain things like caffeine, alcohol and excessive sun exposure leading up to the appointment. It can also be aggravated by waxing over the same area too many times, which can pull on the skin and cause redness and bruises. Using a wax that is specifically made for sensitive skin can help to minimize irritation and discomfort.

It’s also important to use proper technique when performing a wax, especially on the face. Make sure the wax is warm enough and not too hot (you can test this by putting a bit on the back of your hand). Use a gentle motion when pulling out the hair and don’t tug too hard as it can cause pain, redness and bruises.

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Even with careful technique, however, there’s always the possibility that you could get a cut or nick while getting your wax. This can lead to a little bump or rash, which isn’t great for anyone but particularly not good for people with sensitive skin as it makes the area susceptible to infections.

4. It can be painful

For some people, getting a bikini or Brazilian wax can be extremely painful. However, there are a few things you can do to make the experience less painful. First, be sure to use a reputable salon. Word of mouth and online reviews are great ways to find a good place. Also, be sure to eat something before your appointment and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Studies show that eating food and consuming liquids can help block pain signals from the brain. Lastly, it’s best to take some ibuprofen or another pain reliever before your appointment.

Then, when you get to the salon, try to relax. A relaxed person has a higher pain tolerance, so the process won’t hurt as much. Also, be sure to let the waxer know if you’re sensitive to pain. They’ll be able to give you less abrasive wax strips.

Finally, it’s best to avoid sexual activity for 24 hours after your wax. This will allow any microtears to heal. It’s also best to avoid any other activities that can irritate the area, like soaking in a tub or shower, swimming, tanning, and intense exercise. You’ll probably want to wear loose pants and a clean thong or panties, too. You don’t want to risk breaking the skin. Also, if you’re on your period, be sure to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

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