How to Have Sex in Shower

A Couple Intimacy in the Shower

A shower isn’t just for bathing — it can be used as a sexual tool, too. Experts recommend a few key things to keep in mind to have fun and be safe while showering for sex.

One of the most popular sex positions is penetrating your partner from behind. This position offers security from the wall and your partner, and can be experienced vaginally or anally.

1. Positions

Getting comfortable enough to have sex in the shower can take some practice, but it’s well worth it for couples who are ready to get intimate. Shower sex can be as sensual as bedroom sex, and the warm water is a natural lubricant. Plus, you can play with a variety of fun toys like butt plugs, vibrating loofahs, and waterproof vibrators that aren’t available in the bedroom.

Penetration isn’t the only way to have shower sex, but it’s the most common. Stand with one leg up on a bench, tub’s edge, or shower footrest to position yourself for vaginal penetration from behind or anal penetration. Then, have your partner straddle you while they penetrate and thrust in all the right places.

Another erotic shower position is the ballet dancer sex pose, which works especially well with the leg-up approach. Have your partner stand in front of you and lean on the shower wall or a towel, then brace themselves with their hands on your knees and their body on top of yours for stability.

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Then, they can use their arms to support you and apply pressure to whatever areas of your crotch they want, including the climax, which is particularly erotically stimulating. Or, they can stand behind you and have you rest on their shoulder while they finger you or use a waterproof vibrator on your tits.

2. Water

If straddling isn’t your thing, or you don’t have the space to move around in your shower, a simple sit-down position can be a safe bet. Have the person with a penis or strap-on take a seat on the side of the tub, putting their back against the wall and spreading their legs out a little. This allows the other partner to straddle them, without any risk of falling or getting wet.

The giver can then use their hands to play with the receiver’s nipples and genitals, or just please each other. This will also give the couple some privacy, and keep any sexy noises out of the ears of kids, roommates or pets.

Just make sure to have a bottle of shower-friendly lube handy. While the cascading water can feel slick and arousing, it’s not a reliable substitute for lubricant. And, remember that if you’re touching genitals with another person, even in the warm water of the shower, you run the risk of contracting an STI. (This is also why it’s a good idea to get consent from your partner before attempting anything.) Luckily, STIs like chlamydia, herpes and genital warts are less common in the shower than they are at home or at the beach, but it’s still worth taking precautions. And, of course, if you do contract an STI, always talk to your doctor or sex specialist.

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3. Lube

If you’re going to go for penetrative shower sex, it’s a good idea to have some lube nearby. “The constant stream of water during showers washes away natural vaginal lubrication, so you’ll want to use a lube specifically designed for sexual penetration,” sexologist Jess O’Reilly tells Allure. There are a number of different lubes available on the market, so choose one that works best for you and your partner.

Another way to increase the pleasure of having sex in the shower is with foreplay. In the close, steamy space of a bathroom, you can use soaps, oils, and washcloths to explore each other’s bodies and create sensual textures that can be both intimate and orgasmic.

You can also try the “tunnel” position, in which you stand up facing each other and then have your partner push their head through your back so they enter you from behind. This is a great position for beginners because it provides support in two places (the wall and your partner’s arms) so you won’t slip and fall out of the shower. They can then penetrate you, finger you, use a waterproof vibrator, and whatever else feels right in that tight space. As always, it’s important to remember that shower sex isn’t for everyone, so don’t force it if it doesn’t feel right.

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4. Safety

Shower sex can be as steamy as a Timothee Chalamet movie, but it can also be dangerously slippery. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the experience safer and more enjoyable.

First of all, if you are standing, try to keep your feet on the ground and use any rails for support. You can also invest in a nonslip shower mat for added stability. If you have a tub, this is even more important. Keeping one foot on the ground will help prevent any falls and ensure you don’t end up with any embarrassing, and potentially painful, bruises.

Then, if you are going to be having penetrative shower sex, it is absolutely essential to use a condom. It’s hard to get a good grip on a penis when it’s wet, so it may be difficult to put the condom on correctly, but it is well worth the effort.

Finally, to make your experience even more sexy and intimate, set the mood by turning on some music or dimming the lights. This will help you focus on each other and the erotic play you are enjoying together. And remember to always use a lubricant when showering. Find the best lube for you here.

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