How to Have Sex in VR Chat

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Many VR Chat users find exploring their sexual needs and fetishes online to be liberating. Many spend hours a day immersed in virtual worlds, experimenting with new situations and partners.

Some even turn it into a career, hosting shows in-game on Fansly and finding ERP partners to take them through VR orgies. It’s a surprisingly big community that’s often hidden from public view.

1. Create an Avatar.

The first step to having sex in VRchat is creating the avatar you’ll use. This is done by downloading a custom-made model from the VRChat SDK and Unity (not a random MMD or XPS or TDA model) that has been built specifically for VRchat and includes all the parameters you need to have an immersive virtual avatar.

The model you choose should have a jaw bone set up for lipsync that uses the Oculus Audio API to detect your voice and open and close the avatar’s mouth according to how loudly you speak. It should also have visemes (blending shapes that modify the mesh based on vertex positions – often called shape keys) set up.

While sex in VRchat is possible without these additional tools, they make the experience more realistic and enable many more sexual interactions and fantasies. One such tool is Raliv’s Dynamic Penetration System for VRchat, which enables genital penetration between two avatars and can even sync up with Bluetooth-enabled sex toys that are plugged into the avatar’s thighs or ass.

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Other tools include body synchronization software that allows you to physically touch your avatar as you talk and even simulates touching between the real world and the virtual world. There are also VRChat users who engage in erotic role play and virtual sex, known as ERP or VR sex, often to fulfill sexual needs and desires they might not otherwise be able to meet in real life – This quote comes directly from the service They often spend hundreds of dollars buying sex toys and tools to make fornication via their avatar more realistic and physically pleasurable.

2. Find a Partner.

VRChat is a highly popular VR game/app that allows millions of people from all over the world to socialize, play mini-games, hang out, create their own worlds and even attend digital concerts and parties in virtual space. But there is a darker side to the popular game that few know about. Thousands of players use the game to fulfill their sexual fantasies and experiences.

One such player is Hex, a popular VR sex worker who makes her living in the game by posing nude and performing shows in private worlds for her Fansly audience. While she says she prefers IRL orgies over the virtual ones, she acknowledges that VRChat has helped tide her over when she can’t indulge in kinky adventures in real life.

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There are a handful of worlds in the game where erotic roleplay and virtual sex take place, but these are generally kept on the DL because they violate the terms of service and could get shut down by VRChat. Still, if you’re in the right groups and are comfortable exploring your sexuality in this way, it can be quite an experience.

3. Start Talking.

Vrchat is a popular virtual reality game that’s enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It allows users to create their own worlds and socialize with new friends or join in on existing ones. However, there’s a sultry side to vr chat that’s not talked about much.

While sex in VR chat may seem scary, it’s actually pretty safe. As long as you’re chatting with trusted friends in a private environment, the chances of being harassed are very slim. The main thing is to keep your language clean, avoid using slurs, and don’t hurl insults at other players.

Having a good microphone is also important. If your voice is coming out tinny, it can be hard for other players to hear you and will give off the impression that you’re rude. If you’re not sure how to adjust your mic volume, open up the system menu and click on “sound”. Then select the microphone icon/settings and follow the prompts to test your microphone.

Erotic role play (ERP) is a popular sexual practice in vr chat that allows users to explore their sexual fantasies in a safe and sexy virtual space. While it’s not an official term, it has become a common way for many in the community to refer to these activities.

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4. Get Physical.

Depending on your interests, you can get pretty physical in VR Chat. While it’s not for everyone, it is a growing trend amongst the community. It starts with purchasing a NSWF ‘adult’ or ‘xxx’ model avatar and importing it into VRChat. From there you can search the various discord and reddit communities to find a group willing to explore your fantasies in a safe and fun environment.

Erotic role play is a popular activity among VRChat’s user base. It involves people acting out sexual scenarios that can range from PG-13 to X-rated. These are usually conducted in private spaces that require a password to enter.

Users are also experimenting with more intimate activities such as cuddling and petting each other. These practices are important in creating and maintaining relationships within virtual reality. They also serve as a form of social bonding. Many of the people BuzzFeed News spoke with saw these activities as a form of self-care.

Sexual activity in VR depends on a number of factors including body synchronization, avatar design, and supportive hardware incorporation. For example, Raliv’s Dynamic Penetration System allows genital interactions in VR using an attachment that simulates penetration. It costs a few hundred dollars to purchase the system and an additional $500 to buy a headset, trackers, and other accessories. This cost can be prohibitive for some users.

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