Why Won’t My Girlfriend Have Sex With Me Anymore?

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Sexual intimacy is a vital part of any relationship. So when your girlfriend says she’s not feeling it anymore, you need to know why.

It could be a simple reason like fatigue or it might be more serious like depression or medication. Regardless, she’s not obligated to have sex with you if it’s not her whole hearted choice.

1. She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings

One of the most important things to keep in mind when your girlfriend won’t have sex with you is that she probably doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. She knows that your connection to her is deeper than sex and sexual desire, and she doesn’t want to damage that bond.

This is especially true if she’s been hurt in the past. She may be afraid that she’ll hurt you with her words, actions, or body language. Moreover, she might be worried that you’ll become angry or resentful about her lack of sex and abandon her.

Lastly, she might simply be too tired to have sex. After a long day at work, she’s likely to feel exhausted and won’t be in the mood.

Whatever the reason, you should always have an honest conversation with her about it. Make sure to discuss it at a time when you’re both calm and clear-minded, so that she doesn’t feel like you’re taking her refusal to have sex personally. Passive-aggressive comments will only make the situation worse. They’ll also make her feel defensive and put her on the defense, which will only drive a wedge between you.

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2. She’s afraid of getting caught

The relationship is going great, she’s romantic, she talks about weekend getaways and meeting her parents. But when it comes to sex she becomes distant, reluctant to take things further and even refuses to let you sleep over. This may be because she’s scared of getting burned. She’s seen it happen to her friends and she doesn’t want to be the next victim.

This is why she acts disinterested even though on the inside she’s dying to have some good sex. She also avoids asking you questions that show how emotionally invested she is. In her mind, this will make her appear needy and weak.

She’s probably also afraid of getting pregnant or catching an STD. She may be worried about these risks because she grew up with a family that shuns sexuality or she has a religious background. Whatever the case, she’s not taking any chances and is avoiding sex because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. So, if you’re her friend you might need to talk about this in a non-confrontational way and help her overcome her fear.

3. She’s afraid of being rejected

When a girl refuses to have sex with you, it can be really upsetting. After all, you love each other, and sex is supposed to be fun and exciting. So why is she suddenly shying away from it?

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The truth is, she’s probably afraid of being rejected. Women are highly sensitive, and they don’t want to sleep with a guy who hurts them or makes them feel bad about themselves. In addition, many women are concerned about unplanned pregnancies and STDs. So if your girlfriend is consistently turning down sexual advances, it may be because she’s worried about being rejected.

It’s important to remember that she is not rejecting you as a person, but simply that she doesn’t have the same desire for sex that you do. It’s important to be honest about this with her, and to have the conversation in a neutral time (i.e., not right after you’ve tried to have sex with her and been turned down). This will help her avoid feeling like she’s being judged or criticized for her preferences.

4. She’s afraid of hurting your ego

She’s everything you ever wanted in a partner—thoughtful, caring, funny and smart. But there’s one problem: She won’t give you the sex you crave. Maybe she has low libido or doesn’t feel like you’re a good match sexually.

Your insecure ego’s main way to survive is by taking control of situations. Unfortunately, this isn’t very healthy for a relationship. It creates a cycle of anger and resentment, which is toxic to intimacy.

You can help her overcome this by showing her how much you love and appreciate her. Compliment her as often as you can, and remind her how sexy and gorgeous she is to you.

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Having a great connection with your girlfriend is crucial for a long-term relationship. So don’t let her lack of sexual desire derail your plans for the future. Whether her reason is legitimate or not, it’s important to communicate with her about this issue so that you can work through it together. For example, you might say something like, “I know that our sex lives aren’t what they used to be, but I don’t think that means we can’t have a happy and fulfilling life together.” This shows her that you care about her feelings and are willing to find solutions together.

5. She’s afraid of losing you

If your girlfriend is avoiding sex with you, she may be afraid of losing you. A woman who is afraid of losing you will put her pride on the side and she will do everything that she can to keep you in her life. This is because she knows that without you, she will be devastated.

She may also be afraid of getting caught. She might be worried about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy or an STD. She may even be worried about you rolling your eyes or being annoyed when she asks you to use protection.

She will also be afraid of cheating on her. She will likely stay faithful to you, because she knows that you are the only one for her. However, if she thinks that you are going to cheat on her, she will be more likely to leave you. So, if you want to keep your girlfriend, you need to be loyal and faithful to her as well. She will appreciate it and she will be more likely to have sex with you.

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