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Can Sex Make Your Period Come Back?

Sex can kick-start your period, if it’s already due and you orgasm during penetrative sex. That’s because the contractions of your uterus can help speed up shedding of the cervix lining. But that’s about it – This section is the creation of the portal’s editorial team Otherwise, sex really doesn’t change your menstrual cycle […]

Is it Safe to Have Sex in a Pool?

Some people enjoy having sex in a pool because it feels different and exciting. However, there are risks associated with this activity, including STDs, unwanted pregnancies, tearing, urinary infections and privacy concerns. The water in a pool contains many other people’s urine, which can cause bacteria and thrush. Additionally, chlorine and other disinfectants can irritate […]

Is Vaseline Safe For Sex?

Vaseline is a great product for chapped lips and skin, but it’s not safe to use for lubrication during sex. It can cause irritation, break condoms, and damage sex toys. It also disrupts the natural pH balance of the vagina or anus and leads to yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and other health concerns. It is […]

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

A rabbit vibrator is a dual-action toy that provides both penetration and clitoral stimulation. It’s easy to use, even for beginners. Start by applying a generous amount of water-based lube to the smaller arm of the vibe, then play around with different vibration patterns and intensities. You can also use the ears to tease other […]

Why No Sex After Egg Retrieval

Many fertility clinics advise women to stay away from sex after egg retrieval due to fears that orgasms could impact embryo implantation. However, this is largely unfounded. The ovaries are enlarged after the hormone treatment and it is important to avoid activities such as bouncing or jumping. These could cause the ovaries to get twisted […]

What Does Honey Do For Sex?

In addition to honey, you can try a variety of foods for sexual health. Eggs and meat are high in aphrodisiac compounds that increase blood flow to the penis. They also contain arginine, which helps treat mild forms of erectile dysfunction. Honey is a natural aphrodisiac and contains boron, which may help regulate hormone levels. […]

Which HRT is Best For Libido?

A woman’s libido can plummet around menopause, and it’s not always clear why. Hormones like estrogen and testosterone decline at this time, leading to a variety of symptoms including vaginal dryness and itching. Luckily, hormone replacement therapy can help increase a woman’s sexual desire. However, it’s important to understand which hrt is best for libido. […]

How to Squirt Using a Vibrator

Squirting can feel incredible, and it is a natural sexual function for many women. Many people have the idea that squirting isn’t for everyone, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The key to squirting is stimulating the G-spot. This can be accomplished by many different types of stimulation, so it’s important to experiment […]

Long Distance Panty Vibrator

If you’re in a long distance relationship and need some discreet fun, look no further than the best panty vibrator. Using an app to control the vibe, you can pleasure each other from far away. This app-controlled vibe is discreet enough to slip into a secret pocket in a pair of Span panties (one size […]

How to Use a Vibrating Drildo

When you hear the word “vibrator,” you might picture a dildo-shaped toy, but that’s just one branch of the vibrator tree. These toys are used both vaginally and anally for masturbation or with a partner. Start by applying lube to your body and to the toy. This reduces friction and increases sensation – This section […]

How to Increase Female Libido After 60

Women over 60 often experience a dip in their libido. But they can take steps to overcome it, such as taking a closer look at their diet and exercise. Large ovaries, hormonal imbalances and irregular menstrual cycles can lead to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Getting diagnosed and treated may help improve libido. 1. Eat a […]

How Long After Liposuction Can I Have Sex?

It is essential to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully, especially in regard to avoiding activities that put unnecessary strain on the treated areas. This will help to promote proper healing and prevent complications. If you are following your doctor’s advice, feel comfortable and don’t experience pain during sexual activity, it may be safe for you […]

The Best Cock Ring Vibrator For Couples

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced BDSM aficionado, cock rings are a powerful pleasure tool. This ring is an excellent starter toy that fits comfortably and provides toe-curling contractions. This simple app-controlled cock ring is perfect for sex with a partner or solo play. It has seven mind-blowing vibration modes to pleasure the shaft, […]

Is Sex Safe After IVF?

IVF patients are often advised to abstain from sex for two weeks following their embryo transfer. This is because sexual intercourse can trigger uterine contractions that could prevent an embryo from implanting. However, some couples are reluctant to adhere to this recommendation and have sex during the 2-week wait. Thankfully, there is no solid medical […]

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