How to Use Vibrating Bullets With a Partner

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Bullet vibes are one of the most beginner-friendly sex toys out there. Small in size and easy to use, they can be used solo or with a partner for exciting clitoral stimulation.

Before you get started, make sure your toy is charged and has lubricant on hand. It’s also a good idea to read the instruction leaflet so you know what intensity to expect.

Set it up

Bullet vibrators are super versatile toys that can stimulate all sorts of erogenous zones, not just the clit and G-spot. In fact, they’re great for stimulating the inner thighs, backs of knees, stomach, and nipples. They’re also fantastic at easing you into orgasm, which is perfect for beginners.

Before using your vibe, it’s best to apply a body-safe lubricant, such as Good Clean Love. This makes your toy feel smooth, slippery, and luxuriously soft, as well as helping the vibrations travel deeper into your skin. If your sex toy came with its own pouch or container, keep it in that (if you don’t have one, a cosmetics bag will do just fine).

Cooper recommends testing out the different speeds and vibration patterns of your vibe first to get a sense of how intense the sensation is. Many vibes also offer a “flicker” mode, which creates a fast and pulsating rhythm of vibrations that can be a hot way to climax.

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When you’re ready to use, be sure to hold the power button down for 3 seconds (many vibrators have this feature to prevent accidental turn-ons). And don’t forget to store your toy somewhere safe. A locked drawer, a sex toy box, or even a fabric bag is ideal. This way, you can rest assured that it won’t be accidentally discovered by children, pets, or housemates.

Apply lubricant

Many people who use vibrators with a partner know that lube can take it to the next level. With a bullet, it’s even more important to apply lube to reduce friction. This will make every vibration feel intense and pleasurable. To help the lube stick, try using one of the best silicone-based or body-safe lubricants.

Once you’re ready to go, turn on the vibe and explore the speeds and patterns it offers. Be careful not to accidentally hit the power button (many vibrators are designed to avoid accidental turn ons).

Often, bullet sex toys come with a pouch or case for safe storage. Some are also waterproof, which means you can play with them in the bath or shower, as well. To check that your bullet is waterproof, look for the word “submersible” in the description or on the packaging.

A lot of people tend to use a bullet’s tip almost exclusively, which is fine because it delivers very intense sensation to a very compassionate area of the body. But to get a full range of pleasure, you should try holding it more horizontally so that more of its length makes contact with your skin. This spreads the power of the vibrations and can be gentler for beginners. You can also experiment with rubbing the entire bullet against your skin to create a teasing sensation.

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Hold it against your clit

While most people tend to place a bullet vibe directly against their clitoral hood or clitoris (especially with multi-function models that offer a range of intensity settings), Deysach suggests exploring other ways to enjoy the pleasure of this small vibrator. She says it’s worth tracing the tip of a bullet across your vulva to discover new sweet spots – and to spread the vibrations over a broader surface area.

She also advises trying the toy on your inner thighs, behind your knees or lower stomach to explore different areas and textures of stimulation. Remember to apply lubricant first, she adds, as the vibrations travel better when they are gliding over soft skin.

As for introducing a partner to the fun of a bullet sex toy, it can be an easy and rewarding experience. Because bullets are so small, they can easily be tucked between your bodies during foreplay and manipulated to please each other. She recommends starting off with a bullet placed against the clitoral hood to build arousal before encouraging your partner to play with it to stimulate other erogenous zones, like the nipples and perineum.

If you’re feeling adventurous, she says, try using the toy with a dildo for clitoral orgasms. But be careful, she warns, as many small vibrators aren’t designed for anal penetration and could cause a lot of pain if used incorrectly.

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Use it with a partner

If you’re into couple play, you can use a bullet vibe with your partner in an array of ways. It can be used as a penetrative toy for intimate play, or your partner could hold it against their clit for stimulating sensations. You can also get creative and tracing the tip of your bullet vibrator over your partner’s nipples, inner thighs, or other erogenous zones to discover hidden pleasure spots that you can enjoy together.

A few notes: Always use lube, even with small toys like this. There’s still a weird stigma about using lube with masturbation, but it can really enhance the pleasure you get from your toy, and it helps prevent irritation or soreness in some areas. Also, make sure you’re using a lube that’s compatible with your toy. For example, if you’re using a silicone toy, choose a water-based lube that is affordable, washes easily, doesn’t leave any oily residue, and is fragrance-free.

Finally, if you’re a newbie, consider getting a multi-function bullet vibe that can offer various speeds and vibration patterns, instead of sticking with a basic one-speed option. That way, you can start at the lowest setting and gradually work your way up to more intense sensations, and you’ll be able to explore different textures as well. Plus, a multi-function bullet won’t set you back a fortune and may be more affordable than a premium vibrator.

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