How to Use a Vibrating Drildo

Vibrator and Candles

When you hear the word “vibrator,” you might picture a dildo-shaped toy, but that’s just one branch of the vibrator tree. These toys are used both vaginally and anally for masturbation or with a partner.

Start by applying lube to your body and to the toy. This reduces friction and increases sensation – This section is the result of the service team’s efforts Then, try slowly dragging the toy over your most sensitive erogenous areas.

1. Insert it into your vaginal opening.

If you’re not familiar with a dildo, it’s always best to practice at first by using lubricant and slowly easing it in. You’ll want to make sure your hands are lubricated too, to increase comfort and ease of insertion.

If your dildo has a suction base, you’ll want to anchor it with your hand or tuck it under your ring finger before inserting. This helps it stay in place for prolonged play, enhancing sensation & pleasure.

Internal vibrators have a longer curved part that sits inside you and a shorter end that stimulates your clitoris or vulva, called the G-spot. To use one, insert it in a way that lets you hold the curved part with your fingers, then rock, spin and slide it in and out to your liking. Some people find that a little pressure is more pleasurable than a lot, but if the toy feels too intense for you, try softer, gradual thrusts. Add more lube for even more fun! And remember to clean your dildo regularly to avoid infection. It’s also important to read any instructions that come with your toy so you know what to expect.

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2. Turn it on.

Before you use your new toy, it’s important to charge it, as well as read the special instructions that usually come with it. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with its buttons before you start playing, as some vibrators have multiple settings and modes that can increase or decrease the intensity of its vibrations.

When you’re ready to play, start slow and warm up your body before going between your legs with the vibrator. If you’re a first-timer, try moving it around your outer labia and clit without making direct contact, as this can feel pleasurable and help build up your tolerance to the sensations of vibration.

If you’re comfortable enough, try pointing the tip of the dildo towards your G-Spot and jiggling it gently for extra stimulation. Some women find circular movements, which feel similar to oral sex, especially intense, so don’t be afraid to play with your clitoris in different ways!

3. Press it against your vaginal wall.

If you’re using a dildo that’s not for vaginal use, be sure to use plenty of lube – it makes all the difference. And not just to make it easier for the toy to slide in and out (and inside of you), but also to reduce friction between your body, your underwear and your vibrator.

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Many women need clitoral stimulation in addition to vaginal penetration to reach climax, so rubbing the clitoris with your fingers can feel great too. The same is true for men’s G-spot, which can be stimulated with a variety of different types of toys.

It’s always best to talk with your partner before trying something new in partnered masturbation. You want to be sure that you’re both comfortable with it and that you’re both open to the idea of a new toy adding fun to your relationship. Just be careful to explain that it’s not about replacing your sex life, but rather about enhancing it. If they say yes, you’ll need to research some toy options together. You’ll both find that the right toy can be a real turn on.

4. Turn it off.

As with any toy, be sure to use lubricant. This will reduce friction and make it easier to insert and remove the dildo as well as increase pleasure. Be sure to use a water-based lube as silicone-based ones can damage the vibrator.

Vibrators are also great for penetrative play, where you insert them into your anus or vagina to experience climax-inducing sensations. They can also be used to tease your outer erogenous zones, like the glans, nipples, inner thighs, or clitoris.

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If you’re new to using a vibrator, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the different settings before introducing it to your genitals. This will help you better control the intensity of vibrations and learn which buttons do what so that you don’t accidentally ramp it up too high and end up with a huge bruise. It’s also a good idea to read the instructions that come with your toy, as they may have special instructions or tips on how to get the most out of your experience. Be sure to charge your toy ahead of time, too.

5. Clean it.

When it comes to sex toys, cleanliness is key. A dirty vibe or dildo can harbor bacteria that can cause infections. This goes for both reusable and disposable toys. The good news is that you can easily prevent these infections by regularly cleaning your vibrator and dildo.

The first step is to inspect your sex toy and determine what material it’s made of. “This is incredibly important to understand because different materials require a specific way of care,” says sex therapist Shadeen Francis. “Some are porous and can be difficult to clean thoroughly; non-porous toys like silicone, glass, and metal are easy to sanitize.”

Also make sure your toy is waterproof. Motorized devices and dildos with electronics should never be submerged in water. Aside from the obvious reasons (such as avoiding battery leaks), this is also important to keep in mind for safety purposes. For instance, Hepatitis B and C can live on surfaces for up to a week—and if these viruses come into contact with your vagina, you could end up with an STI.

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