Sex Everyday During Fertile Window

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You’ve probably heard that sex every day during your fertile window (the days leading up to and the day of ovulation) can give you a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant.

This is true, and it’s one of the most important things you can do when trying to conceive. But how often do you actually need to have sex?

1. It boosts your sperm count

The best time for conception is the days leading up to and during ovulation, when an egg’s life cycle peaks. Those are also the days when women and their partners are most likely to feel more easily aroused and have increased libido. It’s a good idea to keep track of ovulation using a menstrual chart or ovulation app so you know when to target those days for sex.

If you’re trying for a baby, having sex every day during your fertile window boosts your chances of getting pregnant. But don’t expect to be able to get pregnant right away – it takes time for the egg and sperm to meet up. And sex every day might be too much for most couples (not to mention super tiring).

While sex every other day during the fertile window also boosts your chance of pregnancy, it’s important to remember that not everyone’s ovulation cycle is the same and it might take more time to conceive than you might think. Luckily, it’s not as hard to pinpoint your fertile window as you might think: A recent study found that just tracking a woman’s temperature over the course of a month can help predict her ovulation date. Just make sure to use a fertility tracker or app that takes body temperatures into account — it’s an easy way to determine your most fertile days.

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2. It stimulates the ovaries

Research shows that couples who have sex everyday during their fertile window (the five days leading up to and the day after ovulation) have a higher chance of pregnancy than those who do it only every other day or not at all. This is because daily sex stimulates the ovaries more, which increases your chances of conceiving.

In fact, a recent study found that couples who tracked their fertility using a sex monitor like Inito and had sex every day of their fertile window were 26% more likely to conceive than those who didn’t track their fertility or had sex only on the days they knew they were most fertile. But, as you can imagine, having sex that often would feel more like a chore than a pleasure for many couples and may cause them to lose interest in the process, which could ultimately result in a missed opportunity to get pregnant.

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But, don’t stress about it too much. If you want to increase your chances of conception, you can still have sex as frequently as you and your partner are comfortable—even if it’s not during the actual fertile window. The more often you have sex, the better, but try to make it fun and add some spice, too—maybe with a little role play or sexy music.

3. It boosts your immune system

For those trying to conceive, the ovulation window is a time when there’s a high chance of conception. That’s because sperm can survive in a woman’s body for up to five days, and eggs live up to 24 hours after ovulation.

In order to optimize pregnancy chances, doctors recommend that couples have sex every day or every other day during their fertile window. While the practice hasn’t been proven to boost fertility, it’s still thought that it can help increase sperm count and improve egg quality.

However, limiting intercourse to the ovulation window may not be realistic for most people. For one, it’s difficult to predict ovulation with any accuracy, and many women don’t track their cycle correctly.

Plus, sex can actually negatively impact a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant if it happens too close to ovulation. That’s because sex can cause hormone fluctuations, which can throw off your ovulation schedule and reduce the number of viable eggs you have.

That said, it’s not necessary to have sex everyday when trying to conceive. In fact, most couples find that having sex on alternate days is enough to improve their pregnancy odds. Plus, it can be more enjoyable for both partners. But if you’re struggling to get pregnant, tracking your menstrual cycle is the best way to know when it’s time to have sex.

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4. It’s fun

There’s a lot of pressure to increase the frequency of sex when trying to conceive. But, it’s important to remember that sex is about pleasure, too!

Tracking ovulation and planning sex around your fertile window can feel like a chore and build unwanted tension between you and your partner. But, what if there was a way to have fun with the frequency of sex while still increasing your chances of conception?

Studies have shown that couples who have sex every day or every other day during the fertile window have a 25% chance of conceiving. This is significantly higher than couples who have untimed sex once or twice a week, which only have a 10% chance of conceiving each month.

For most couples, daily sex during the fertile window isn’t practical. That’s okay! But, if you can, you should. Not only will you have a higher chance of conceiving, but it will also be more enjoyable. Try out different positions, use a vibrator (if possible) or read sexy novels together while having sex. It will be a refreshing break from the typical “baby-making sex.” Plus, you’ll have something to look forward to when the time is right! And that’s always a good thing.

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