Can Men Use Vibrators?

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Many people ask can men use vibrators, particularly when they’re paired with an anal sex toy. Using a dildo or a vibrator to pleasure anal areas can take masturbation to new heights.

Start on a low setting and move your toy around to explore different sensations. Always use toy-safe lube with your vibrator and especially when anal penetration is involved.

1. They’re not a replacement for a partner

While sex toys for women have become mainstream, with celebrity-minted products like Fleshlights and sex dolls making headlines, there’s still a stigma that men using sex toys are somehow less masculine or perverted. But the truth is that just about any vibrator that a woman can use can be used by a man in much the same way.

Just make sure that the toy is safe for the erogenous zone you’re using it against, and that it isn’t overstimulating. A wand massager that can be placed anywhere along the groin is ideal, but there are also options specifically for the prostate (as well as other erogenous zones), such as vibrating penis sex toys.

Whether you’re masturbating solo or with a partner, vibrators can be an excellent tool for heightening sexual pleasure and igniting sex fantasies. Just be careful not to let the toy become a replacement for your sexual partner, and don’t forget to communicate throughout the session so that you both know what turns you on and what doesn’t.

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In fact, a 2020 study found that sexual stimulation with a vibrator can increase sex drive, rouse arousal, inspire orgasms, and even help combat anorgasmia (chronic difficulty reaching climax even after adequate sex) – This section is the creation of the website’s experts Velvet Seductions. So while you may have heard that vibrators are just for women, it’s really not true.

2. They’re not for everyone

If you’re a man who’s never had a vibrator, you may feel intimidated by the idea of using one. But this is a tool that can be used in many ways, both for solo play and with a partner. Men can use a vibrator for masturbation, and it’s also possible to try it during sex, especially when lube is involved.

It’s also important to experiment with different settings and sensations on the vibrator before using it during sex, and to keep communicating with your partner during sexual play. This is essential to ensuring the safety of both partners, and it can help you reach orgasm faster than either of you might have expected.

Some people assume that vibrators are only for vulvas, but it’s actually quite common for men to enjoy prostate massagers and other penis-happy toys. And while a lot of men aren’t comfortable discussing it, it is completely normal for a man to use a vibrator to pleasure himself or to please his partner.

In fact, a 2009 study from Indiana University showed that about 45 percent of men had used a vibrator. And since then, as sexual taboos have shifted and vibrators have become more accessible, it’s likely that number has only increased. If you’re curious to give a vibrator a go, check out a men’s sex toy like a B-Vbe Snug Plug 2 that allows for prostate stimulation with six vibration patterns and four intensity levels.

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3. They’re not a replacement for masturbation

Men may use vibrators as a way to enhance masturbation, but it’s important to note that they can never replace human contact or oxytocin. As far as sex toys go, nothing will ever be able to compare to the feeling of your partner’s hands on your thighs or lips. That’s why it’s important to communicate with your partner when you’re using a vibrator, whether alone or together. Talking about how it feels and asking for more can be a great way to add some excitement and sexiness to your play.

The scrotum, shaft and head of the penis can be stimulated by many male-specific vibrators, and there are even men’s sex toys designed specifically to help with orgasm. However, it’s also not uncommon for men to use a toy to enhance masturbation on other parts of the body like the thigh, lower back, or butt cheeks. In fact, a 2009 Indiana University study found that nearly half of all men had used a sex toy at least once.

Ultimately, what matters is that men feel comfortable exploring their pleasure with a vibrator and enjoy doing it. It’s a good idea to use a water-based lube when you try out new sex toys to avoid degrading the material, and it’s always smart to clean your toy between uses. It’s also important to be careful when sharing a vibrator between partners in order to reduce the risk of STI transmission, particularly if you’re using it on the same area of the body.

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4. They’re not for everyone

There’s a lot of stigma around men using vibrators, whether they’re used solo or with a partner. That’s a shame, because many of the same pleasures that women get from sex toys can be enjoyed by men. Vibrators can be a gateway to masturbation, but they’re also great for enhancing partnered play.

In fact, most men who use sex toys say they started with partner play. A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that when surveyed, most men who had ever used a vibrator had done so during foreplay and intercourse with a partner. For some, the most fun came when a toy was placed on the clitoris or prostate for extra stimulation.

That’s why many sex toy companies make products for the clitoris and prostate, like LELO’s Pulse and the B-Vbe Snug Plug 2. The anal area can be a very sensitive area to stimulate with a vibrator, so it’s important to start slowly and with caution. If you’re going to try anal penetration with your vibrator, make sure it’s toy-safe and use a good amount of anal lubrication.

Many men who haven’t tried prostate stimulation are afraid they’ll become numb or desensitized. The truth is, you can’t numb or desensitize yourself to something that feels amazing. Just like with your clits, you’ll have to learn what turns you on and then find a way to create that sensation.

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