Best Vibrating Panties

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Vibrating panties have come a long way from sex-shop novelty. These vibrators tuck into your underwear to stimulate your vulva and G-spot, some with remotes and apps for two-way control.

If hands-free vibrating fun is your thing, these panty vibes feel like magic. But some have a little too much power for discreet public use, or don’t hit the mark quite right.

1. Lovense Ferri

The Lovense Ferri is a powerful panty vibrator that will surprise you in the best way possible. It’s small, discreet and incredibly strong. It’s also easy to control, allowing you to enjoy its powerful vibrations at your leisure from your phone or tablet. This toy is perfect for long-distance play and will spice up any relationship in a snap!

Unlike most panty vibes that only work at the base of the clitoral hood, this one is designed to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris area. It’s also wireless, so you can use it with any non-crotchless snug-fitting underwear, in public or at home, and it can be paired with vaginal or anal toys for even more sensations.

It has three steady speeds and seven patterns that can be cycled through via the custom app and it’s surprisingly powerful for such a tiny toy. It’s also quiet enough for discreet pleasure in public and can be used with a partner or solo.

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This is a cute set that includes a lacy pair of panties, a rechargeable bullet vibrator that slips into a secret pocket in the gusset and a ring you wear on your finger that acts as a covert remote for the toy. It’s the perfect set for anyone who wants to have a little fun in public and is a great way to spice up a long-distance relationship!

2. Lovehoney Desire

Lovehoney Desire is one of the top brands of vibrating panties in the world, and for good reason! They offer a lot of options, so you’re sure to find the perfect vibe for you. Plus, their prices are often less expensive than many of the alternatives, and you can usually find them with a Lovehoney coupon code to save even more!

Vibrating panties are a type of sex toy that’s designed to be worn under clothing to tease and titillate your partner’s G-spot. Typically, they consist of a pair of one-size-fits-all panties with a pocket inside to hold a small vibrator that’s activated by a remote control. Some models have different vibration patterns to choose from, while others are even sound reactive and can increase their intensity when you moan!

They’re a little more discreet than bullet vibrators, and they’re a great choice for couples who want to add a new dimension to masturbation or sex play. However, they can still be a bit noisy on the highest settings, so may not be appropriate for social situations. They also tend to be a little bulkier than some other types of vibrators, and can feel a bit uncomfortable for petite women. Still, they’re an excellent option for anyone looking to try out a vibrating panty for the first time!

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3. ZALO Magnet

If you’re looking for a pair of the best vibrating panties, you’re going to want to be sure that they’re app-controllable (for remote play from a partner) and have multiple vibration settings. Also, make sure that the vibe can be easily secured inside your underwear (some are magnetized and stick in a specific spot like a gusset or panty pocket; others have ties you can tie around your waist to hold it firmly in place), and that they’re made from body-safe material that’s easy to clean.

Vibrating panties have opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration for women, allowing them to enjoy erotic pleasure in the most discreet way possible. In fact, many people use them to tease each other from afar during long-distance relationships.

The ZALO Magnet is a popular panty vibrator that’s also incredibly affordable. It has a super quiet motor and offers a variety of different vibration patterns, plus a range of intensity levels for a custom experience.

The ZALO Magnet is a great option if you’re a first-timer to internal wearables. It’s a great starter vibe that will still deliver intense orgasms and is super comfortable to wear. It also has a great track record of customer satisfaction and is very well-made, so you can trust it to stay in place and give you the pleasure you’re after.

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4. ZALO Remote Pro

With a remote control that allows your partner to play with you from miles away, this little vibe is the best vibrating panty in the world. It’s the smallest wearable vibrator on our list, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to stimulate their G-spot or clitoris discreetly. It’s also super strong, and it has a number of vibration patterns and speeds to experiment with.

Like the Lush 3 from Lovense, the Ferri is designed to stay in place inside your knickers with magnets, making it a great choice for anyone who loves clitoral stimulation but doesn’t want to have a hard, bulky vibe sticking out of their underwear. It’s also super powerful, with 10 vibe patterns and six intensity levels, but it’s still quiet enough to be used in public.

Vibrating panties, aka clitoral masturbators, are fun and racy sex toys that stimulate the clitoral lobe with a ring-shaped remote or an app. It’s important to check in with yourself about how you experience pleasure and how much clitoral stimulation you want before investing in one, sex educator Jessica Sanchez suggests.

She recommends starting with something with an insertable attachment, such as the ZALO Aya, if you prefer internal stim. But if you’re all about the clitoral action, go for a panty vibe that has a unique shape, such as this Tracy’s Dog Starship, which is designed to hug the vulva and stimulate the clit with pinpoint precision.

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