Vibrating Underwear With Control

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Discreet and remote-controlled, vibrating panties are a popular way to get a little extra stimulation during the day. They work great in coffee shops and movie theaters as long as ambient noise masks any humming sounds.

Some come with special underwear designed with a pocket in the crotch to hold the vibe. Others, like the Lovense Ferri, are small enough to tuck into your pants and connect via Bluetooth to an app for control from anywhere.

Hands-Free Stimulation

A vibrator sewn into your underwear is the ultimate hands-free clitoral pleasure tool. Most models are remote control compatible with a smartphone app or come with a built-in remote that lets you play with the toy without ever touching it. With the press of a button, you can change the intensity and try different vibration modes to find what’s best for you. And if you have a partner, you can hand the vibe over for some kinkier play.

There are several brands of panty vibes on the market, and they all vary in how discreet they are. Some sit directly at the clitoris while others are held in place by your pants (as is the case with this ZALO model). All of these styles have the ability to be used alone or with a partner, and you can use the remote or app to change the settings.

Many people choose to wear panty vibes as a way to stay clitally stimulated throughout the day, while still being able to focus on chores around the house. This is an especially popular choice among women who have trouble using a vibrator on the clitoris by hand. But if you want to increase your chances of success, it’s always a good idea to use lube with any clitoral vibrator. It reduces friction to prevent injury to your clitoris and increases sensation. It also helps prevent your skin from becoming desensitized from regular vibration.

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Discreet Play

If you like to have a little something extra in the back pockets of your pants, a vibrating panty is an ideal option. Vibrating panties are basically panties with a pocket sewn into the crotch for a bullet vibrator. They’re remote-controlled, discreet, and perfect for couples play.

The best part is that vibrating panties can be worn in public, making it easy to stay turned on and get your orgasms while out and about. Just remember to use personal lubricant to reduce friction on the clitoris and vagina, and make sure that your panties have a tight fit so that your vibrator doesn’t slip out or come loose.

Some vibrating panties have a magnetic disc that sticks to the underside of the vibrator, so you can easily secure it in your pants’ gusset (like with the We-Vibe Moxie). Others have a pair of wings on either side of the crotch, which can hold a vibrator securely, but won’t work well with g-strings.

If you want to take your discreet play even further, look for a vibrating panty that is app-enabled. This way, you can have your partner control your toy from anywhere in the world. This gives you the ability to have a whole new level of play, even while doing your chores or running errands. The Edeny vibe from Satisfyer, for example, is whisper quiet and can be controlled from a phone.

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The Perfect Gift

If you know someone who loves clitoral stimulation and discreet play, a vibrating panty makes the perfect gift. The wearable vibrator stays tucked into the pouch in the front of her pants and can be activated with a remote control by either you or your lover. The small, quiet bullet vibe is powerful enough to stimulate her clitoris without disturbing anyone in public, and the nipple or anus massage settings can be a lot of fun for couples to play with in private.

These cute sex toys are great for foreplay during dates or even to spice up PDAs in public, like when they’re at the movies or dining out together. During these kinds of events, the receiver can activate her sex toy with her partner’s help, or they can use the remote control to tease each other while they sit together.

Some vibrating panties are made with an integrated clitoral stimulator that’s hard to miss, but you can also get a wearable vibe for your partner that has a discrete ring that attaches to her underwear. The ring is attached to a discreet, small bullet vibe that’s powerful enough for clitoral stimulation, and you can use the included remote to change up the pulsation and intensity settings. You can also turn the vibe on and off with a button, or pair it with an app for a completely customized experience.

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The Perfect Housework Toy

A vibrating panty with remote control gives you a hands-free way to suck, tease and stimulate your clitoris, anal canal or even your cock. You can wear these in public or in a bedroom, and some models have remote controls to make it easy to set your vibes up from far away. However, some people can have sizing issues with these toys, and they may not be compatible with certain types of lubricants.

For the best handsfree experience, you’ll want a toy that fits snugly inside your underwear. Vibrating panties use either specially prepared pockets or magnetic clips to stay put, and they’re usually one-size-fits-most. You can find these toys in cheeky panties, lace thongs or lined-crotch yoga pants.

While a lot of these panty vibes are whisper quiet, some can still be heard in public. You may also want a toy that syncs with your music or other noises for the fullest sensory experience.

Some of the most popular handsfree panty vibrators include We-Vibe’s Moxie, Lovense’s Ferri and Leaf’s Vibease. These all come with a magnetic clip to keep your toy in place and prevent it from migrating or falling out of your underwear, and they’re compatible with most lace and nylon underwear. They’re also waterproof, so you can safely wear them during a shower or bath.

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