How to Control Vibrating Panties With App

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A vibrating panty is a sex toy that’s more than meets the eye. These intimate little gadgets tease your clitoris while remaining discreet enough to use in public.

When shopping for a panty vibe, look for one that’s remote- or app-enabled. These options allow your boo to control the toy from across the room or even from across the world!


Panties vibrators are sex toys that hide under clothing to bring discreet pleasure to the vulva, whether alone or with a partner. They look like regular lingerie and can be worn with any outfit. They’re often used for foreplay and sexual experiences, as well as during sex.

When shopping for a discreet vibrating panty, make sure it’s made to high standards. Good manufacturers will offer a quality guarantee, at the very least. They should also provide a phone number or customer service line so that you can get help when needed.

Another important factor to consider is how easy the toy is to use. For example, some vibrating panties come with a special pocket that makes it easy to slip in and out of the vulva. Other models feature remotes or app controls that make them easier to control. If you’re going to be using your panty vibe with a partner, it’s best to choose a model with a remote or an app that’s easy for them to master.

Vibrating panties are great fun, but you can find a lot of excitement in internal wearables too. For instance, Kegel or ben-wa balls can add a whole new dimension to your masturbation routine. These kinds of toys can be even more discreet than panties, depending on the type you choose.

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Vibrating panties can provide clitoral stimulation for solo play or with a partner. They’re a great addition to couples who want to spice up long-distance intimacy, and they can also help add some extra excitement to dates like going to the movies. Whether you’re using a vibrating panty with your partner or on your own, it’s important to know how the vibe works and how much range it has. Many panty vibes come with a remote, and some even have an app so you can control your experience from anywhere.

To use a panty vibrator, start off with a lower setting so you can ease into the sensations. Breathe deeply and send the energy of your breath to your vulva as you slowly increase the settings. When you reach your orgasm point, slow down and allow the sensations to continue to sooth your vulva.

If you’re planning on using your panty vibe with a partner, certified sexologist Marla Renee Stewart recommends writing an erotic story to explore the naughty fantasies it stimulates. Then, have your boo read it to you while you slip on the panties and lil bullet vibe, like the JimmyJane Calista panties and Lovense Ferri bullet vibe set that comes with a rechargeable remote and 10 vibe functions that sync to music. Having a clear understanding of how your vibrating panties work will make it easier to enjoy them with a loved one and can prevent any confusion or awkward moments in public.

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Remote Control

When shopping for a vibrating panty, choose one that can be controlled with an app. This feature makes it possible to share control of the toy with your partner, which is an excellent option for long-distance play. Your partner can access the toy and adjust its settings from a nearby room or even from another country. This makes for an exciting new level of sexy.

Some models also come with a bonus shaft for anal stimulation. For example, the Satisfyer Top Secret + Wearable Vibrator features a thicker shaft that stimulates your g-spot and a thinner one that sends vibrations to your anus. The friendly design fits snugly in your underwear and is whisper quiet, so you can enjoy sexy pleasure without interruption.

You should also make sure that the vibrating panties you purchase can be easily cleaned. Depending on the brand you buy, some may be completely waterproof while others can only handle water-based lubes. In addition to this, you should always opt for a toy that uses rechargeable batteries so that you don’t have to worry about replacing the tiny batteries too often.

So, are you ready to get your hands on a pair of vibrating panties? Start exploring the many options on our site and live out your wildest fantasies. If you need help finding a vibrating panty that’s just right for you, feel free to reach out. Our knowledgeable customer service team will be happy to answer your questions.

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You can control these vibrators with an app that lets you adjust the vibes from anywhere — including the next room over (or even another country). Many of these toys act as clit vibrators or bullet vibes and can tease the G-spot. Some can be used alone or with a partner for clitoral stimulation.

To make it easier to use these panties, look for ones that have a long battery life and are whisper quiet. They’re also best for discreet use, so you can play in public or at work without causing a scene.

It’s important to talk with your boo before buying a vibrating panty and make sure that you both agree on how you want to use it. Vibrateable panties can be used for clitoral or internal play, so it’s important that both of you are on the same page.

The Lovense Ferri, for instance, is a magnetic panty vibe that fits into any pair of knickers and stays put with magnet clips. It’s also app-enabled, allowing you and your boo to customize up to 10 vibration patterns. You can even record sayings to create a unique vibration pattern that can be sent to your boo. It’s a powerful toy for any lover, near or far. Check it out here. Toys like these can be pricey, but they’re a great way to spice things up and keep things interesting in the bedroom.

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