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Vibrating underwear with app lets you play with a powerful vibe and explore clit stimulation in discreet ways. Many panty vibe models are remote-controlled, like the OhMiBod BlueMotion, with a club mode that buzzes to music.

Others slip into a pocket sewn in the crotch of special underwear or are hidden by regular undies. Either way, they’re hands-free and often remotely controlled via an app that connects with the toy via Bluetooth.


Having a vibrator that slips into your underwear and is controlled from the comfort of your smartphone is super fun and discreet. It’s one of the most exciting ways to spice up your sex life with a partner or on a solo adventure. It’s also a great way to get the kink out with your friends or take it hands-free to public places.

Vibrating panties have revolutionized sex for many women and couples, giving them the freedom to experience arousal on their own terms and with anyone they want. It’s also a great way for long distance couples to have some fun from afar without waiting to be physically intimate.

Most vibrating panties use Bluetooth technology, which is a wireless communication protocol that allows users to connect to an app on their phone and control the vibration speed and pattern of the toy. This allows partners to invite each other for remote play, which makes the experience more immersive and fun.

However, not all Bluetooth panties are the same. Some of the better models are made from waterproof materials, which means they can be used in the bath or shower and can still work when they’re wet. Others come with a handy carrying case and hidden charging port, so they can be stored in your bag or desk drawer without making a noise. Some have a magnet attachment system that helps keep them in place, which is great for those who wear panties tight enough to apply pressure to the clitoris.

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Remote Control

Most vibrating panties fasten into the wearer’s underwear and have a pocket or magnet clips where a small vibrator can be added. Some have a removable bullet vibe that can be used alone or with a partner. Some vibrating panties are wireless and can be activated with remotes or apps. Others have a discreet built-in vibration that can be controlled from a distance.

Vibrating panties are great for couples’ play and can be a lot of fun to use alone or in public. They are also very discreet, so you can get a little wild in the privacy of your home or a hotel room without worrying about anyone knowing what’s going on. Some vibrating panties are even water-proof, which makes them perfect for wearing while you shower or bathe.

When you choose a vibrating panty with an app, you have WAY more control over the vibration patterns and intensity of your toy. Most apps give you the option to draw your own pattern right on the screen and feel what happens – or quickly set power levels in between. Other features to look for include Sync-to-Music Technology (which buzzes in time with music or sounds around you) and a library of pre-designed patterns that can take you from gentle to orgasmic.

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You should note that some panties are not suitable for all types of lubricants. Cotton and lace may tear or shrink if you wash them too much, and some plastics might degrade with oil-based lubes. Always test your toy with your preferred lube before you buy it.


Discreet is the key word when shopping for vibrating underwear with app because these panties are designed to be hidden inside your pants. They are small enough that they don’t scream “sex toy,” and most come in a cute case that looks more like a purse or wallet than a sex toy.

Many vibrating briefs can be turned on and off at a distance, and most have a variety of settings to allow for long-distance play. For example, the Sexy Secret allows you to connect with your partner in-app via text, photos, video chat, and more – while you give them control over your panty vibrator! You can even set a time limit on how long your messages or snaps stay in their history, which adds an extra layer of security.

Another great feature of most app-enabled panties is the ability to sync them with music. This is especially useful for couples who enjoy masturbating together, and it gives the toy a little more kick than if you just turn it on. Some brands, like the We-Vibe Sync, are specifically designed to be used with music, and it’s a great option for tag-team clit stimulation.

One other benefit of discreet is that it’s a great way to use your vibrating underwear in public, especially in situations where you might be tempted to pull out your phone and use it to check social media or text someone. Instead, you can use your naughty panties as your secret weapon and tease yourself during the day while keeping it quiet.

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Long Distance

If you’re already using technology to connect with your boo in a romantic way (text messages, Snapchats, video calls), then adding vibrating panties to the mix is probably just the thing to add some more heat. This new panty vibe from Lovense is a powerful, discreet and long-distance compatible toy that lets you and your partner play together no matter where you are.

You can wear the panties alone or pair them with a sex toy for foreplay or climax. The app allows you to choose different patterns and settings – from pulsing, short bursts of vibration to smooth, deep buzzes. A magnet keeps the vibe in place, while you can move it around to target your nipples, vagina, or clitoris. There’s even a feature that lets you record sayings that will be turned into unique vibration patterns to stimulate different areas of your genitals.

And of course, you can also share control with your boo when playing long distance — all you need is their smartphone! They can access your panty vibe via the app whether they’re sitting beside you on the couch, in another room, or across the globe. And if you want to add a little extra excitement, many of these vibes are compatible with sex toys that can be attached to the panties and controlled with a remote.

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