Anal Penetration With a Male Vibrating Butt Plug

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Men of all sexual orientations love a little anal penetration, and these vibrating plugs can give a whole new level of pleasure. It’s important to find the right size and texture to suit your anus, says Jones.

A 63-year-old man became addicted to the full body orgasms he could achieve with his butt plug. The key is to apply plenty of lube and use the correct position.


A vibrating butt plug can deliver a wide range of sensations, from gentle tingles to intense rumbles. The vibration is quieter than a vaginal toy, but just as powerful.

It’s also more discreet, making it ideal for public play. A butt plug can stimulate a number of erogenous zones, including the anal canal, which has sensitive nerve endings that respond to vibration. For men, it can also arouse the prostate gland—which is sometimes called a man’s G spot.

For those who are new to anal play, a good place to start is with a silicone plug that’s soft and tapered for easy insertion. It can also be used with a partner or alone, and can be synced with music or other sounds through an app.

To ensure that your toy is comfortable, you’ll need to prep it properly with lube. A water-based lube is the best choice, as it’s body-safe and doesn’t degrade silicone toys. And don’t forget to reapply throughout the session as needed. If you have an app-enabled plug, you can even use it with erotic games and videos for added stimulation.

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Unlike a regular plug, thrusting butt plugs have motorized weights that move back and forth for a throbbing action that simulates anal intercourse. They can get extremely intense, though sex educator Lola Jean recommends starting off with a lower intensity.

This plug features a remote controller that lets you control seven pulsating patterns. You can even connect it to erotic games and videos for more stimulation. Its design makes it easier to insert and comfortable for beginners, as it has gentle curves that conform to the anal.

This toy is made from medical grade silicone and features a heating function that can raise the temperature to 104 degrees Fahrenheit for an extra warm experience. It’s body safe and easy to clean with antibacterial soap and water. When using it, remember to apply plenty of lube for a comfortable feel. Proper lubrication helps you savor the sensation of penetration, which is often more satisfying than vibration alone. It also reduces friction and irritation during anal play. The only drawback is that the plug can easily slip out of an anal hole if not properly anchored.


Many butt plugs are made of a soft material like silicone, and some vibrate for extra pleasure. Others are textured or have a flared base to help them stay inserted in the anus. A few models even connect to your phone or an app for an additional level of interactivity and customization.

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For men who enjoy solo masturbation, butt plugs can be used in conjunction with hand or blow jobs to enhance pleasure and stimulate the prostate gland. For couples, a butt plug can also heighten sexual sensations by stimulating the anus and allowing for deeper penetration.

Men who want to explore the anal canal with a butt plug should remember that they will experience some discomfort as their anus muscles get accustomed to it, but this is usually mild and should not last long. They should also use plenty of lubricant before and during insertion to avoid any discomfort or irritation. It is also recommended that people with health issues, such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures, should consult a doctor before using a butt plug.


A butt plug with weights adds a sense of fullness and heaviness to the sensation. Some models have little weights inside that shift around to provide a feeling of heaviness as well as vibration and thrusting. The nJoy Pfun is a great example of this. Designed for a person sized 5’8” or below, this simple prostate pleaser has a solid, reliable stainless steel make and a modest insertable diameter.

The little weights and a firm jelly-like material make this toy a comfortable fit for beginners. It also has a slim base and 10 vibration functions that allow you to target the anal canal and other areas for mind-blowing pleasure.

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Men who are new to anal play may be hesitant to try a butt plug, but b-Vibe has put together a complete kit that takes the worry out of getting started. This set includes an anal plug in different girths, a lube applicator, an enema bulb for sexy bathroom play, and a guide to anal exploration 101. It also comes with a travel bag for easy transport.


When used correctly, a butt plug is a safe and enjoyable way to stimulate the anus. The key to using one is to start slowly and with lots of lube, if possible, and to stop as soon as you experience any pain. The toy should also have a wide base to prevent it from going too deep inside the anal canal.

A good butt plug will also have a flared handle or wider end to allow you to grip and take it out of the anus. As with any sex toy, washing and disinfecting it before and after use is essential. This will help to reduce the risk of infection from bacteria that live in your bum, or sexually transmitted infections that could be spread by sharing a dirty toy.

Anal plugs are available in both vibrating and non-vibrating options and in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be inserted by hand or with the assistance of a partner, and they can be enjoyed during masturbation, anal play or anal sex. They can also be paired with clitoral toys to create exciting new sensations.

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