Pain After Sex After A Hysterectomy

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A hysterectomy is a major surgery that removes the uterus and, sometimes, the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Pain during sexual intercourse after a hysterectomy is common and can be frustrating for both partners.

Open communication, reassurance, and patience are essential to a healthy recovery from this type of surgery. Resuming penetrative sex should only take place when given the green light by your doctor.

1. You Haven’t Waited Enough for Your Body to Heal

Depending on the type of hysterectomy you have had, some changes are normal and to be expected. For instance, if you had a partial hysterectomy (removing only the top of the uterus) but not the cervix, the shape of your vagina may change and it could feel differently. You also might have some vaginal dryness and a loss of sexual pleasure.

If you had a total hysterectomy, the loss of the ovaries will likely trigger menopause. While this usually doesn’t affect sex, it can cause problems with the muscles of the pelvic floor and clitoris which may make some women experience pain with penetration. The good news is that most of these issues can be solved with a healthy diet, physical activity and hormone replacement therapy.

Hysterectomies are now less invasive than they used to be, with minimal scarring and recovery time. In fact, hysterectomies can be done laparoscopically, which uses only a few small incisions.

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It is important to honor the healing process and wait for your body to be ready for sex before trying it again. When you do, make sure to use lubrication. It will not only ease the discomfort but it can prevent bacterial infections. Start with finger penetration or smaller sex toys to see how you’re feeling and work your way up.

2. You’re Trying Too Hard

Women who have a hysterectomy often experience pain during sex. The reason for this is that the ovaries create estrogen and testosterone, hormones that contribute to a woman’s libido. When the ovaries are removed during a hysterectomy, this can lead to decreased orgasms, and in some cases, no orgasms at all.

Another cause of painful sex after a hysterectomy is that the surgeon may have cut nerves in the cervix during surgery. This happens in the case of a radical hysterectomy, which involves removing the uterus and the tissue on either side of the cervix as well as the top part of the vagina.

It is also possible that a woman will experience pain during penetration after a hysterectomy due to the surgery shortening the shape of her vulva. Similarly, pain during penetration can occur when the genitals are dry.

The good news is that these types of problems are temporary. If you wait for your body to heal, use a vaginal lubricant during sex, and practice different positions, you should be able to enjoy pleasurable sexual intimacy once again. If you are unable to find relief through these methods, it is worth talking to a specialist. At BodyLogicMD, our practitioners are experts in hormone therapy and can help restore your natural hormonal balance to relieve your symptoms.

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3. You’re Trying Too Soon

A hysterectomy is a life-changing operation. But it’s not something that should affect sexuality negatively – in fact, many women report having an improved sexual experience after a hysterectomy. But if you’re experiencing pain during sex, it could mean that you haven’t given your body enough time to heal.

You should always follow your doctor’s recommendations for resuming sexual activity after a hysterectomy. It is generally recommended that you wait until your scars have healed and any vaginal discharge has stopped, which can take up to 4-6 weeks. Some women may find that their libido returns more quickly but this varies from woman to woman and it is best to let your surgeon determine when you can recommence penetrative intercourse.

If you had a total hysterectomy, this means that your surgeon removed the entire uterus, cervix, and Fallopian tubes. This can cause a sudden drop in hormone levels, which can dry out the vagina and make sex more painful. Using lubrication can help to prevent this and make sex more enjoyable for you and your partner.

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You should also consider the position you are in during sex. Some positions are more comfortable than others and you can experiment to find what feels good for you. In addition, you can use a variety of lubricants to help ease the pain and discomfort.

4. You’re Trying Too Late

If you’re still experiencing pain during sex after a hysterectomy, it’s likely because you haven’t given your body enough time to heal. It’s recommended that women wait until all scars have healed and any vaginal discharge has stopped, usually about 6 weeks after surgery.

You may also be experiencing a loss of libido, especially if your ovaries were removed during the procedure. This is because removing the ovaries causes a sudden drop in estrogen levels, sending you into surgical menopause.

For some women, this can affect their ability to orgasm because the clitoris and labia are highly sensitive areas. This can be helped by using a good lubricant, communicating with your partner, and experimenting with positions.

Having your uterus removed doesn’t necessarily impact your sexuality negatively, and many women find that their sex lives stay the same or improve after having the operation. However, if you are having pain during sex it is important to talk to your doctor as soon as possible to ensure that you’re healing well.

Hysterectomy is a common treatment for a variety of conditions affecting the uterus, including cancer and endometriosis. It can be an effective, permanent, and life-saving solution for many patients. Talk to your gynecologist about what type of hysterectomy is right for you and the benefits and risks that come with it.

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