Why Does My Magic Band Randomly Vibrate?

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Magic Bands are an incredible piece of technology. They can do so much for you, and it seems like they are constantly evolving.

They can act as your park ticket, resort room key, charge card at the parks and resorts, magical express voucher, photopass voucher and more. They also light up and vibrate with certain interactive features.

The battery is low

Disney rolled out Magic Bands with a lot of bravado, and rightfully so. They are the most impressive piece of wearable technology on the market, combining a basic RFID chip with an innovative two-way radio and all sorts of lighting, vibrations, and interactive elements to create a truly unique experience.

The MagicBand+ is the second-generation of these devices, and it’s a massive upgrade over their legacy counterparts. Like the original Magic Band and MagicBand 2 (MB1), MB+ has an RFID chip that powers things like hotel room keys, park entry, and payments. But the MagicBand+ has a whole host of extra features thanks to its battery-powered “Plus Part” component, which includes all of the interactivity and vibrations.

If your MagicBand+ is low on power, the LED will start to flash red. This means it needs to be charged as soon as possible, before the battery completely runs out. The light will progressively change color from red to yellow as it charges, and then green once fully charged.

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To charge your MagicBand+, open the My Disney Experience app and select the MagicBand tab. From here, select the MagicBand+ square and follow the on-screen prompts to pair it and update its software. Be sure to keep your MagicBand+ next to your phone through this process, as it may need to be held close in order to update correctly.

The band is not paired

If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s possible that your Magic Band is not paired. To fix this, first, make sure that your iPhone and Magic Band are compatible with each other. You can also try restarting your phone and Magic Band. If this does not help, you may have a compatibility problem with your Bluetooth device.

If your Magic Band is not paired, you can reset it by pressing the button on the back of the device. Once the device is factory reset, it will begin to glow a rainbow of colors. You can then reconnect it to the app. If you’re having trouble connecting to the app, make sure that your Magic Band is not in silent mode or in airplane mode.

In addition, you should check the Bluetooth settings on your phone and ensure that it is not paired with any other devices. If this is the case, you can disconnect other Bluetooth devices and try pairing again.

If you still can’t connect, try deleting your connection from the Mi Fit app and then re-pair it. Once you’re able to connect, the Magic Band should vibrate and turn white when you walk near the character statues. This is how you know that you have collected a character. The statues may not react immediately and sometimes require a few tries before they interact.

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The band is not charging

When Disney first introduced Magic Bands, there was a lot of bravado about the new technology. They spent over a billion dollars on research and development, after all! But the fact of the matter is, they have some pretty dumb features. One of these is the Magic Band+, which is basically a light-up wearable that randomly vibrates when you walk by one of the golden statues in Galaxy’s Edge. For some people, this feature is annoying. If you’re hard of hearing or deaf, it can be frustrating to try to interact with the statues because they’ll randomly buzz.

However, there’s a simple way to fix it! Simply press and hold the button on the back of the Magic Band+ for 15 seconds. You’ll feel a single buzz, then a triple buzz, and then it’ll start flashing colors again! This means that the factory reset has been successful.

When you’re done, the lights on your Magic Band+ will progressively turn red to yellow to indicate that it’s charging and then green when it’s fully charged. You can also check the status of your battery by looking at the small screen on your smartphone. It will display the battery level of your Magic Band+ and what it means if the battery is low or dead. The good news is, the Magic Band still works if the battery dies, so you can still scan into the parks and FastPass lines with it.

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The band is broken

When Disney first introduced Magic Bands, there was a lot of bravado about the new technology. They did invest a lot of money into the research and development, so it was important to them that these wearables performed as advertised. Unfortunately, some of the Magic Bands are not as reliable as they could be. In particular, the Magic Band Plus struggles with its interactions with the handheld devices that cast members use to do their work. The bands are not the only problem—the handheld devices can randomly reset and fail to provide the handshake that the bands need to function.

The Magic Band+ has a lot of features that make it unique from other wearables on the market, including a proximity sensor. When you are near a character statue, the band will vibrate and turn multiple colors to let you know that it has recognized your presence. Some of the statues will also talk to you or play music.

The longevity of your Magic Band really depends on how well you treat it and how often you wear it. If you take care of your Magic Band, it should last you for many trips to the parks. Just be careful not to bend it back and forth unnecessarily, as this can cause the vinyl to crack or come off.

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