Vibrating Panties With Remote

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Vibrating panties with remote are naughty lingerie toys that allow you and your partner to play hands-free. Some come with special underwear that has a pocket designed to hold the vibe, while others just include a vibrator that fits into any pair of panties.

They’re perfect for arousal, bonding, and sexual play. They can also be worn in exciting locations, like coffee shops or movie theaters.

Discreet and Perfect Lingerie

The best vibrating panties feel like the juiciest secret you can’t wait to share — and once you do, there are so many ways to have fun. Vibrating panties fasten into your underwear and then connect to a remote or app that lets you customize your pleasure. You can use them solo or pass the controls to your partner, use them in a crowd or around the house, and even add them to your masturbation routine.

Some vibrating panties with remote are designed to be worn in a specific way, while others have a more discreet design. For example, this Fifty Shades-inspired saddle-shaped vibe is made to hug the vulva and stimulate the clit with pinpoint accuracy. It’s also super quiet and comes with a convenient remote control that offers 10 vibration patterns and six intensity levels.

A sex toy that works with your iPhone or Android smartphone, this cute little gem is the perfect fit for any lingerie wardrobe. It features a pocket in the crotch of the panties that houses a curvy and firm Love Egg vibe that’s wirelessly controlled by a sleek remote. You can throb and buzz your inner erogenous zones or pass the control to your partner to explore new pleasure possibilities together.

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Another great option is this mini sex toy from Lovense that attaches to your knickers with magnets, keeping it in place for a discreet experience. It’s a bit smaller than the Lush 3 model, but it still packs serious sexy power and is compatible with Lovense’s most customizable apps that let you and your lover draw out different patterns of pulsations and beats on the screen to tingle, tease and throb the way you want.

It’s Easy to Operate

Vibrating panties are easy to use because they work the same way that regular underwear does. Just slide them on and then insert the vibrator into the crotch area (or into the pocket designed to hold the vibe if it came with a set of panties).

You can play alone or you can invite a partner to share in the fun. If you’re playing solo, try starting on a low setting and then slowly increasing the power as you get used to the sensations. This way, you can ease your way into this new experience and feel comfortable with the climax without going too overboard too soon.

If you’re playing with a partner, many of these toys are designed to be app-enabled and allow for sharing control. You can connect with your partner over texting, video calling, or snapchat and adjust the power of the vibe together to create an intimate and exciting experience. Some of the most advanced vibrators have a limitless range and can be controlled from anywhere in the world so you can make your partner scream with pleasure.

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Vibrating panties are great for intimate dates because they can add some extra stimulation to a date night in the park, at a dimly lit movie theatre, or even during a romantic evening at a restaurant. Just remember that it’s important to avoid playing with your panties during food intake or you may end up choking!

It’s App-Enabled

As with any sex toy, it’s important to know your body and how you intend to use a vibrating panty before you buy one. If you’ll be using it with a partner, consider a model that allows a boo to control the vibrations remotely or via an app from a distance—the most advanced options can even be controlled from another room or country. Most vibrating panties act as clit vibrators, but you can also find models that tease the G-spot and stimulate a variety of other areas.

If you’ll be using it solo, look for a panty vibe with an easy-to-use remote or Satisfyer Connect, our innovative new app that makes your phone into a portable sex toy. The app works with most of our vibrating panties and lets you choose between different modes, patterns, and intensities.

It’s also a good idea to pick a panty vibe that’s easy to clean, especially since many are designed to be worn under clothing during the day. Look for a fabric that can be machine washed or hand-washed. You might also want to try a waterproof option to prevent leaks, and be sure to test your vibe with oil-based or silicone lubes to make sure it’s compatible. It’s also a great idea to invest in a vibrating panty that comes with a warranty or has a customer support line you can call if you have any questions or concerns.

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It’s Safe

If you’re unsure how to play with vibrating panties, talk it over with your partner first. It’s important that you’re both on the same page about how you want to use the vibes, whether it’s for clitoral stimulation or edge play with your partner’s anal or vaginal canal.

Vibrating panties are designed with safety in mind, so they can take your adult fun to a whole new level. Many come with a ring remote that’s inconspicuous and doesn’t look like a sex toy. They’re also rechargeable and waterproof, so you can use them in public or at home without worrying about people noticing.

Another feature that’s important when looking for a panty vibe is how easy it is to clean. You’re going to be touching your crotch frequently, so it’s a good idea to pick one that’s machine-washable or at least can be easily cleaned by hand. You’ll also want to make sure that the vibes are safe to use with your favorite lubricant, too.

If you’re ready to give vibrating panties a try, you can start by trying out this Ann Summers Fusion remote control panty vibe. It features a bullet vibrator with a contoured sleeve that rests against the vulva and can be operated by pressing the button on the bullet, using the remote or giving it to your partner to control. It also comes with a discreet carrying case that doesn’t look like a sexy toy and charges in the open so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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