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Can Sex Change Period Cycles?

The short answer to this is no – unless you get an STI (such as chlamydia or trichomoniasis). Sexual arousal and orgasm may cause chemical changes, but they can’t change or disrupt the entire menstrual cycle. Some variation in cycle length and phase is totally normal, though. Here’s why and how sex might affect your […]

The Effects of Lack of Sex in Marriage

Many factors can contribute to lack of sex in marriage. Medical conditions like diabetes and cancer, and even aging, can impact sexual desire. Unresolved sexual trauma can also negatively affect a spouse’s desire for intimacy. Often, couples can work through these issues with sex therapy. But some situations are more serious and require professional help. […]

Pain After Sex After A Hysterectomy

A hysterectomy is a major surgery that removes the uterus and, sometimes, the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Pain during sexual intercourse after a hysterectomy is common and can be frustrating for both partners. Open communication, reassurance, and patience are essential to a healthy recovery from this type of surgery. Resuming penetrative sex should only take […]

Can I Have Sex While Using Monistat?

Monistat is a popular over-the-counter antifungal treatment that can help treat yeast infections. However, it’s important to understand how Monistat can affect your sexual health before you use it. Sexual intercourse can aggravate vaginal irritation caused by Monistat and increase your risk of infection. Therefore, you should avoid having sex while using Monistat. What is […]

Is Kissing a Sexual Act?

Kissing is a form of physical affection that is practiced in most cultures worldwide. It can have many functions in a relationship, including assessing genetic quality and elevating arousal. Kissing also triggers a flood of happy hormones such as oxytocin, which helps couples bond and become monogamous. In addition, it can be used as foreplay […]

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