How to Have Sex With a Fat Guy

a man holding his stomach with his hands

Fat sex is a lot like any other sex, but there are some positions that may be more effective for plus-size partners. One of the best is a variation on a traditional missionary position, which makes it easier for the giver to enter from behind.

Body size doesn’t necessarily limit certain sex poses, but everyone needs to experiment to find what works best for them.

1. Keep it short and sweet

When a girl and her husband are having sex, they should focus on the pleasure that the intimacy brings, not what their body looks like. But this can be difficult when a guy is very fat. The testosterone levels of men who are overweight decrease, making them less sexually desirable.

Fortunately, there are some techniques that can help plus-size couples feel more empowered in the bedroom. For example, using the missionary position is a good option for plus-size women because it allows them to lay on their backs and the giver can enter from behind. Alternatively, the doggie-style position is another option. In this position, the receiver puts their hands on their butt cheeks and the giver kneels behind them to enter.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s important not to make any jokes about the size of the man or his abilities – This quote is the outcome of the service editorial team’s analysis Annie Sexxx Teen. This type of humor can be offputting and is a clear sign that the woman doesn’t respect her husband’s feelings or is insecure about her own abilities.

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Also, it’s important to experiment with sex positions to find what works best for each couple. Everyone needs to know what positions allow them to get the most pleasure, no matter their body size. And if something doesn’t work, it’s important to communicate with the partner and try other positions that might be more comfortable.

2. Be funny

Women love funny men, and if you can make her laugh, she will probably be more than happy to hook up with you. Whether you’re naturally funny or just play up your fat jokes, being humorous can help you to snag the girl of your dreams. Plus, it’s a great way to show that you’re confident about yourself and not afraid to be a little goofy!

But be careful. If you’re too goofy, you can end up doing more harm than good. A few years ago, one of the contestants on the game show Family Feud gave an answer that ended up not making the final cut — and it was quite outrageous. When she said that she would only date a fat man because he was good at sex, Steve Harvey and the audience laughed. This was an extremely dehumanizing response, as it implies that fatness is correlated with incompetence in the bedroom. And it’s also completely inaccurate. There are plenty of chubby dudes out there who know how to get laid and are not at all incompetent at sex.

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3. Don’t be afraid to fuck him

Whether they’re beer-belly, chubby or just plain fat, plus-size men can give a pretty damn good fuck. Leaving any assumptions about their bodies at the door can lead to some of the most satisfying shags of your life. And as Jay points out, if you’re only used to fucking skinny guys, you’re missing out on some of the biggest bangs around.

When it comes to sex, size really is just a number (unless you have health or mobility issues, of course). Choosing the right positions can make things even hotter. For example, the traditional missionary position is a great choice for fat people because it allows the receiver to lay on their back and let tummy flesh fall out of the way, making access to the g-spot and p-spot easier for the giver. Alternatively, elevating the receiver’s hips with pillows can also help.

Another great option is the pretzel position. This is a great combination of deep penetration from doggie style and the close contact of the missionary position. The receiver lies on their back, and the giver stands behind them, straddles one leg and lifts the other for easy entrance. You can also try it with the giver on top and the receiver lying on their stomach. Of course, there are lots of other combinations you can try to see what feels best.

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4. Be confident

Being overweight doesn’t have to limit your sexual experience. It just means that you may need to experiment with sex positions to find the ones that give you the most pleasure. Having open communication with your partner is important to make sure that you are both comfortable with what you try. For example, many plus-size people find that the missionary position isn’t comfortable for them. If this is the case, you could try switching things up with something like the doggie-style position where the receiver gets on their hands and knees while the giver kneels behind them to enter. This position also makes it easy for the giver to prop up the receiver’s tummy or spread their butt cheeks to ease entry.

In addition, it is often more difficult for fat guys to get a good erection. If this is the case, using a vibrating cock ring can help. It is also a good idea to have an open mind about what your partner can give you and leave all assumptions about their size at the door. For example, a fat man’s dick might feel every bit as long as a skinny guy’s and he may be able to provide a better fuck than you think!

Having sex with a fat guy can be incredibly fun and exciting. It just takes the right mindset and some trial and error to find the sexy positions that work best for you.

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