Can You Feel IUD During Sex?

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Your IUD has strings that hang down from your cervix into your vagina. They’re thin plastic that look like fishing line and are about 2 inches long. Cervical mucus covers them, so they are not likely to poke your partner during sex.

You should regularly check the strings to make sure your IUD is still in place. If they feel longer than usual, make an appointment with a medical professional.

How to Feel Your IUD

IUDs are one of the most effective forms of birth control. Fewer than 1 out of 100 women who get them become pregnant. They’re also super easy to use and are highly reliable.

It’s possible for your partner to feel the strings of your IUD, but they shouldn’t be able to feel them during sex. This is because the vagina secretes cervical mucus, which acts as a slippery layer between the strings and your penis. It’s also because most doctors cut the IUD strings so they’re no longer than two centimeters, which makes it hard for anyone to feel them during sex (especially if your partner has a small penis).

If you’re worried about how your IUD might affect sex, you can always ask your doctor to trim the strings. They can either soften them or curl them so they are less noticeable.

It’s important to check for the strings of your IUD often, especially in the first few months of using it and during your period. If you find that you can’t feel the strings, your IUD may have shifted out of place or may have fallen out altogether. If that happens, you should visit your doctor and use alternative methods of birth control until you can have a new one inserted. It’s best to have your IUD inserted during the last few days of your menstrual cycle, which is when your cervix is softer.

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IUD Pain

You might hear that the insertion of an IUD can be painful, but this isn’t true for everyone. The insertion itself only lasts about a minute or two, and your healthcare provider will give you medication to help ease the pain, such as an over-the-counter pain reliever, anti-anxiety medication, or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). You might also feel pressure, cramping, or a quick pinching sensation during insertion.

It is possible for your partner to feel the strings of your IUD during sex, but they should only be feeling them during penis-in-vaginal-canal sex, and even then, the cervical mucus should be enough to mask the feeling. Your partners with smaller penises may not even notice the strings, and the ones that do might only feel a slight tickle.

Rough sex, on the other hand, can dislodge an IUD and cause it to move out of position. Luckily, this isn’t common and it should only happen rarely. If you ever get a feeling that your IUD isn’t where it should be, it might mean it’s time to see your doctor, and they can make sure it is still in the right place. This will keep it from moving and causing unintended pregnancy. Other signs your IUD has moved include not being able to feel the strings with your fingers, irregular bleeding, or abdominal pain.

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IUD Injuries

Your birth control sits all comfy and cozy inside your uterus, but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. IUD arm breakage is more common with the ParaGard model, and if the arms break off during sex it’s not likely to hurt your partner (but they might feel it).

Fortunately, cervical mucus does a great job of masking the feel of the strings, which are made out of thin plastic that’s similar to fishing line. They’re also short, so even if they poke your partner’s penis during a pound sesh it won’t cause pain. Plus, the strings soften over time, so they won’t be as noticeable.

Other injuries that can occur with an IUD include a perforated uterine wall, which is rare but can happen if your IUD gets pushed out or moves during sex. If you get a perforation, the doctor can look at it with ultrasound and treat accordingly.

It’s also possible for the IUD to move if you’re on an antibiotic, or if you experience heavy sex, anal cramps, or a heavier than usual period. Those are signs that it might be displaced and that you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. They can teach you how to do a self-check and help you get it back in place. They can also give you a new IUD if yours needs to be replaced.

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IUD Removal

A T-shaped IUD is a form of birth control that prevents pregnancy by stopping sperm from fertilizing eggs. It’s a popular choice because it’s low maintenance, over 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, and can last from three to ten years. It’s inserted into the uterus through the cervix by a health professional and has strings that keep it in place. People who have the coil form of an IUD can feel pain during sex, but it’s usually because of a miscarriage or other complications and should be reported to a medical professional.

Regardless of the type of IUD, people should check to make sure it’s still in place, especially around ovulation and menstruation. If the IUD becomes displaced, it will no longer protect people from pregnancy, and they’ll need to use another method of birth control immediately.

To check for the IUD, a woman will lie down on an exam table with her feet apart or in stirrups and a health professional will insert a speculum to separate the vaginal walls. Then, the health professional will grasp a string that’s attached to the IUD with forceps and gently pull it.

If a woman can’t feel the strings, the health professional will trim them. Most doctors will do this during an office visit, and women can prep for the procedure by taking a dose of an over-the-counter NSAID like ibuprofen before the appointment.

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