Can an IUD Move During Sex?

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Although it’s rare, it is possible to feel your IUD strings during sex. If you’re feeling these strings, contact your healthcare professional right away. They’ll teach you how to check them for yourself and make sure your IUD is in place.

Also, you should call your doctor if you’re experiencing pain during sex or any other unusual symptoms. They may be able to trim the strings to help with the pain.

The strings are thin and soft

The strings of an IUD are thin and soft, and you’re unlikely to feel them during sex. They’re about the length of a fishing line and are made of a thin plastic. Cervical mucus also does a good job of masking them. You can check them by holding your fingers toward the top of your vagina. If you can feel them, call your gynecologist and make an appointment to have them checked.

It’s not unusual to be able to feel your IUD’s strings when you reach in, but the good news is that you’re unlikely to feel them during p-in-v sex. It’s even more unlikely for your partner to feel the strings, unless they are very close. And even if they do, it’s not likely to hurt and is probably just a little ticklish.

Hormonal IUDs decrease bleeding and cramping during your period, which can be a lifesaver for 20 percent of women who experience them. They’re also 99 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, which is a huge benefit for women who want to have children. However, they can’t prevent pregnancy from sex with a man who has a sperm-borne infection, so you should use condoms during sex to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancies and other sexually transmitted infections.

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They’re made of a flexible material

While many women worry about their IUD impacting sex drive, the truth is that it’s probably not going to. IUD strings are super thin and soft, so your partner won’t be able to feel them during sex – not even if you’re having a deep, rough or acrobatic sesh. And if they do, it’ll probably just feel like a little tickle, and it won’t affect their pleasure at all.

If you’re feeling pain during sex, you should talk to your doctor right away. It’s possible that your IUD has moved, but it’s also more likely that the pain is due to a different cause. This could be something as simple as a lack of lubrication or as complex as an infection.

You can check your IUD strings regularly to make sure they’re in place. Just make sure to use a mirror and be careful not to pull too hard, as this can damage your cervix. The strings should be about 2 inches long, but you can ask your gyno to cut them if they’re getting too long for you.

IUDs are one of the most reliable forms of birth control available. They’re safe and effective, and can save you from the pain and expense of a pregnancy. However, some women have reported issues with their IUDs, including pain during sex and post-sex bleeding. This can be a sign that your IUD has become displaced, and you should contact your gyno right away.

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They’re inserted in the vagina

There are lots of different types of birth control, and everyone’s experience is unique. While some women experience negative side effects, for most IUDs are a great option. The good news is that IUDs are very effective and are unlikely to cause a change in libido. Even if your partner’s penis brushes up against your IUD during an especially enthusiastic pound sesh, it shouldn’t hurt and will likely only feel like a light tickle.

IUDs sit in the uterus, not the vaginal canal, and so it’s impossible for your penis to penetrate or dislodge an IUD. You may feel your IUD strings during sex, but you shouldn’t feel them all the time, says OBGYN Dr. Kecia Gaither. If you do, your doc can cut the strings down to a shorter length.

If you or your partner feels your IUD’s strings more often than normal, that could be a sign that the IUD has moved. Other signs that the IUD has shifted include heavier periods, cramping, or spotting between periods.

The only way to know for sure if your IUD has moved is to have a doctor check it. They’ll use a special tool to find it, which is usually painless. If the IUD has migrated, your doctor can either put it back in or remove it. They’ll also recommend other birth control options if you want to use them.

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They’re placed in the cervix

IUDs are great at preventing pregnancy, but they’ve got to be in the right place to do their job. They’re T-shaped devices that sit in your uterus and prevent sperm from reaching your eggs and fertilizing them. They’re held in place by strings that a medical professional can attach to your cervix. These strings can be shortened to keep the IUD in place.

You can check whether your IUD is still in place by feeling for the strings. The strings are very thin and look like fishing line. You should not be able to feel the plastic part of your IUD, only the strings. If you can’t feel the strings, it could mean that your IUD has shifted or that it was inserted incorrectly.

If you can’t feel the strings, your doctor may have to perform a pelvic exam. They will use a long cotton swab or cytobrush (like the ones they use for Pap smears) to find the strings in your cervical canal. Then they’ll use ring forceps, which only go in your vagina, to grasp the strings and pull them down.

A change in the position of your cervix can affect how you and your partner feel during sex. Some women report a little pain during sex, but this doesn’t usually interfere with sex. If you’re experiencing any severe pain, contact your doctor.

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