Best Vibrating Anal Plugs

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If you’re new to anal play, this kit recommended by sex educator Cass Biron has everything you need for a smooth start. It includes gloves, lube, and educational materials.

This small, tapered plug has a bullet vibe in the base with multiple intensities and patterns. Its thin tip makes it easy to insert and comfortable for beginners.

Satisfyer Plug-ilicious 2

This tiny beginner-friendly anal plug has all the qualities of a perfect first anal toy: it’s slim, feels great when you insert it, and isn’t expensive enough to feel like a waste of money if you find that anal play isn’t for you. Plus, it comes in the colors of a genderfluid pride flag, making it a fun way to fly the rainbow for your identity or a gift for that special genderfluid person in your life.

The silicone toy is soft, easy to clean, and has a wide base for stability. The conical shape and rounded tip hit your anal at the right spot and stimulate it with intense vibration from two motors. You can use intuitive controls on the base or enjoy unlimited control via app with Satisfyer Connect.

At home or away, the Bluetooth-enabled toy gives you access to millions of unique vibration patterns and lets you pair music with your experiences for even more pleasure. You can even share your experience with a partner while video chatting through the app.

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If you love anal sex, this vibrating plug is the perfect toy. It’s angled and weighted to apply pressure on hot spots to inspire mind-blowing orgasms. The stainless-steel wand can also be cooled or warmed for temperature play, and is perfectly sized to fit inside the anal canal. It’s also suitable for Sub/Dom BDSM – it can be used to anally tease the Dom or to keep them “plugged up” and focused on pleasure.

This anal plug is made from soft, smooth silicone that’s hypoallergenic and body safe, so it won’t cause any discomfort. It’s also completely waterproof and has a flared base to prevent it from slipping inside the anal. It features 3 speeds and 5 patterns to explore, and can be lubricated with water-based lube for added sensual fun. It’s also USB rechargeable, and can be enjoyed in the shower or bathtub.

A-Play Vibe Butt Plug

A-Play’s simple anal plug is a great entry-level toy. It’s slim and tapered, which makes insertion easier for newcomers, but it’s also big enough to satisfy intermediate players. It comes with an internal bullet vibe that feels amazing when inserted, and it’s remote-controlled for added customization.

As with any anal toy, applying plenty of lube is essential. The anal hole doesn’t self-lubricate like your vagina, and it can be pretty painful if you try to insert something that’s too thick. We recommend using a water-based lube, which is body safe and lasts longer than silicone options.

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This dual-purpose toy is half butt plug, half cock ring, and full of sensations. Its curved base stimulates the prostate and anal, and its multi-speed settings and ten vibration functions will keep you satisfied all night long. It’s also easy to use and works with any lube, and its squishy texture is comfortable to the touch.


There’s no better way to ease into anal play than with a set of gently tapered beginners’ plugs. This cute and sexy set of three silicone butt plugs (one of which vibrates) is our pick for best cheap anal plug, and it’ll let you Goldilocks your way into discovering if you like a bit more texture or girth up there.

This petite spade butt plug is a great choice for anal beginners, as its 3″ insertable length and 1″ max girth are ideal for most people’s asses. Its bright pink hue and clear gem base add a little flash, too. It’s body-safe and phthalate-free, but it is made of latex, which may trigger an allergy in some people. We recommend using it with a water-based lube for safe, anal-friendly fun. The rounded shaft is designed to stimulate the G-spot or prostate, making it a powerful tool for arousal.


If you’re looking for an anal plug to take your kinky play to the next level, this stainless-steel wand is for you. It stimulates your hot spots with two bulbous ends and inspires mind-blowing orgasms. It’s also responsive to temperature, so you can place it in the fridge or run it under hot water for a totally new sensation.

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Designed to fit in the anal canal, this toy’s thin neck minimizes stretch across your anus sphincter and spreads pressure evenly throughout for a fuller feeling. It comes in multiple sizes and has a textured head for a satisfying massage. It’s also quiet, waterproof, USB rechargeable and includes a storage pouch.

Texture Plug

If you’re a bit nervous to try out an anal plug because you don’t know what it will feel like, this beginner-friendly toy is a great choice. It’s made of seamless silicone and has stimulating nubs designed to massage the anal canal. It’s also waterproof and USB magnetic rechargeable.

Its ridged spirals are a favorite feature of Allbodies sex educator and coach Myisha Battle, who says they help trap lots of lube near the anal. Its wide base helps prevent it from going too deep into the anal canal, and its flexible body shifts and moves with the curves of your bum.

Remember, anal toys should always be used with plenty of water-based lube. Since your anus doesn’t self-lubricate, a good quality anal lube is important to make insertion and removal comfortable. Avoid silicone lubes, which can degrade silicone-based toys. Make sure to keep your plugs clean, too.

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