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Double Ended Vibrating Drildo

A double ended vibrating dildo is a versatile toy that offers simultaneous stimulation. It is easy to insert and can be used anally or vaginally. It is important to use plenty of lubrication for comfort and to reduce friction that could lead to injury. Choose a double-ended dildo made of body-safe materials. Silicone is the […]

Best Vibrating Butt Plugs

Whether you’re a novice or an expert in anal stimulation, a vibrating butt plug can feel orgasmic. They are easy to use, comfortable, and can stimulate multiple nerve endings. But finding the best one for you is a Goldilocks situation. To help you choose, let’s look at the important features to consider. Size The Satisfyer […]

Do Vibrators Work on Men?

Despite the rise of sex toys in mainstream culture, with CVS selling Rabbits and Jennifer Lawrence bragging about her butt plug collection, there’s still a stigma around men using vibrators. But do they really work? Vibrators are great for solo play and can also be a fantastic addition to sex with your partner. Just make […]

How to Not Be Nervous Before Sex

Some people get nervous before sex because they have an all-or-nothing mentality about sex. They think they need to have sex immediately or else it won’t work out. Luckily, there are several ways to overcome pre-sex jitters and have a fulfilling sexual experience. These tips include open communication with your partner, self-education, and practicing relaxation […]

Can Men Use Vibrators?

Many people ask can men use vibrators, particularly when they’re paired with an anal sex toy. Using a dildo or a vibrator to pleasure anal areas can take masturbation to new heights. Start on a low setting and move your toy around to explore different sensations. Always use toy-safe lube with your vibrator and especially […]

How Do Birds Have Sex?

If you’ve ever seen birds mate, you may have wondered how they do it. While mammals have penises, most bird species lack them. Instead, they rub their cloacas together during mating. This allows sperm to enter the female’s cloaca, where it can be fertilized. Only 3% of male birds have penises (typically water-dwelling species), but […]

Can I Take Plan B Before Sex?

Also known as the morning-after pill, Plan B is used if your birth control method fails or if you have unprotected sex. The medication works by preventing ovulation and lowering the risk of sperm fertilizing an egg. There’s a lot of misinformation about emergency contraception pills, and many people have misconceptions about how the medication […]

How Do Two Women Have Sex?

The truth is, sex is different for everyone. What matters most is that it’s safe, consensual, and feels good. Vulva-to-vulva sex—called tribbing or missionary sex—is one popular way lesbians please each other. But there are lots of harmful myths about vulva-to-vulva sex, especially around STIs. It’s important to unlearn these myths and remember that all […]

Best Vibrating Cock Rings

If you’re looking for something to spice up your sex life, try a vibrating cock ring. These sex toys are easy to use, discreet and safe. They also extend erections and heighten orgasms. Luxe sex tech brand Lelo offers an excellent failsafe option with eight stimulation modes and myriad intensities. Its stretchy body fits most […]

How Much Do Vibrators Cost?

Whether you’re in the market for a wand massager, a bullet vibrator or something with dual-stimulation features, your new pleasure toy doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. But, you do have to consider your budget. One way to save is by shopping at sex-positive adult stores, where employees are generally well-trained and […]

No Sex Drive While Breastfeeding

It’s completely normal, and often expected, that a new mom’s libido takes a nose dive during the breastfeeding period. This is due to many factors, including recovery, exhaustion and hormonal loopty-loops. During pregnancy, the body produces estrogen and progesterone, which are directly linked to sexual desire. During breastfeeding, these hormones decrease significantly, leading to vaginal […]

How to Orgasm With a Vibrator

Different people need different things to turn them on. Some need music, some need pornography or erotica. For others, vibrators are the key. Start by running the toy gently over erogenous zones like the nipples and areolas, neck, and inner thighs. Then, gradually work up to the clitoris, running it around the head and clitoral […]

Does Sex Help With Acne?

Nothing ruins your mood after a great night of sex like discovering a big, ol’ pimple. It can make you feel cheated and embarrassed, especially if it’s in your face. There is a popular belief that masturbating or engaging in sexual activity will cause acne. However, this is a false myth! Acne is caused by […]

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